Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In the loving hands of nature

Thank you Christopher. Apparently it's my turn to put a different twist on your idea.

It’s all one big joke for the ravens,
me skidding across the new ice on my naked ass
butt-sliding to the middle where cracks
form ominously around me. You sit in the truck
laughing. One too many beers
makes anything funny, even a guy
trying to take a shit on the riverbank
and losing his footing. I toss my beer can
at those pesky black birds,
and they spin ‘round me cackling
with wings so shiny you’d think they stole
their perfect feathers right out of the hands
of god, pleased as any petty thief.

Rachel Westfall
April 8, 2009


Mischief mew said...

stole from god, how silly!

ConverseMomma said...

Oh...I love the line about stealing the feathers from God..petty thieves. So rich I can taste it on my tongue

Ravens friend said...

Sounds like this poem was from the days of enlightenment. Yup; booze and the mind...

I agree with Mischief mew-"stole from god, how silly!" Ravens are the rightful owners of their wings.

Rikkij said...

Rach-I love the opening line {it's all one big joke for the ravens} it itself is an entire poem full of promise and inspires a thousand images. (I may steal it somewhere down the road forgetting from whence it came) so much happening in a hundred one-too manys. And what else have ravens to do. Delightful. ~Rick

Karen said...

Great take on Christopher. I love the way this community of writers inspire one another. One big joke - sometimes that's how I see it, too.

Char said...

How funny, and one-too-many can make it so.
Soooo, what you been drinkin? Just sayin'.
Thanks for the laugh.

Woman in a Window said...

This same scene could play out a thousand different ways, with a thousand different emotions if I saw only the events and didn't hear your tone. Ravens, usually harbingers of ill, are all fun and tip-toed mishief here. I do wonder of those other cureents, though, that ride just underneath the ice.

christopher said...

You have borrowed more than one idea. You have borrowed a whole constellation. My coyote poems are thief poems, though often not openly stated, and I have been known to steal light before :) Actually I suspect we have similar souls, m'dear. This makes us similar poets.

RachelW said...

Teehee! Thanks for indulging me, y'all.

Mischief mew and Raven's friend, you two have twinned souls, did you know? Though one is a trickster, a tail-tweaker, and the other is so annoyed at being tricked, having his tail tweaked.

ConverseMomma, you can thank Christopher for that one, haha!

Rick, steal away, it's stolen goods to start with. :-P

Karen, yeah I love the way that happens, too. Words interwoven with words.

Char, honestly, I don't drink; I don't like feeling like a fool, though it's fun to write about such foolishness.

Erin, in my poems ravens appear a lot, but never as harbingers of ill- usually of mischief, or as observers because something momentous is going on. That's how I see them, really; we are surrounded by ravens here.

Christopher, yes I have stolen, er borrowed, a whole series of ideas from you here. The idea of stealing from god is most assuredly yours. Maybe you are god, and I have stolen your ideas, haha! Don't they look pretty?

christopher said...

Rachel, it's lovely that you get it. I feel less like the only one...but I was taught: There is a God, you're not Her (or Him)!

Catvibe said...

Hi Rachel, swamped from creation of tomorrow (sometime, probably late) but wanted to stop in and say hello. Love the poem AND the comments.

Christopher is as much god as anyone else is looking at it from a purely Rumian perspective. :-)