Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whatever can it be?

Out in the woods of Mendenhall
the forest creatures dwell
in structures built of twine and logs
their slender axes fell.

But when the winter wind does howl
and snow comes billowing down
how would the air stay warm inside
without true walls around?

A home without a hearth is truly
not a home at all.
Is this strange architecture then
a roomless hollow hall?


Woman in a Window said...

The Mendenhall Glacier? That area? (Thank god for Google.)

Your lines are perfectly balanced and all, your imagery spot on so I keep reading to see the more. And then of course I project. I know of places without walls that are more sturdy than any cube. Winds can howl and snow can billow down and yet there is nothing hollow inside.

I look forward to your poems, Rachel. Thanks for them. Insights to share?

RachelW said...

Teehee! I have to admit this one is a bit of a prank. Not on you, my dear. ;) I have hyperlinked Mendenhall now to provide a bit of a clue, maybe even some context.

Aniket said...

I loved reading it out aloud. :-)

It has got a lovely ring to it. :D

christopher said...


A rhyme and scheme, scheme
beyond meter to story
and beyond that too,
my liege lady sets
her true intention within
the words, to build it,
to build the walls and
seal the roof, to start the fire
blazing in the hearth,
to warm up my heart.

Karen said...

Great use of rhyme to create the playful mood of this. Nicely done!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Came over for a 'peek' at the behest of Kyddron. And am so glad I did...

I love love LOVE poetry...

great blog, Lady. More VERY soon...


Rikkij said...

out in the woods of mendenhall-is such a great opening line you can't miss. Don't blame ya for runnin with it!~rick

Faith said...

So, is this Jozien's great hall? :D Where she resides as Keeper of the Wilderness? Open walls to let the animals come and go? Maybe it would be warm with enough furry critters meeting within.

I love your poem...I love the line "roomless hollow hall" It sounds so echoey. :)

RachelW said...

Aniket, you are sweet! :)

Christopher, that is truly lovely.

Karen, thanks!

Cygnus, welcome. :) Glad you found your way across.

Rick, hehe, yeah those forest creatures are so inspiring, if you can ever catch a glimpse of them.

Faith, you're onto something there... I'm hoping Jozien will pop by and enlighten us all! Haha!

Truly, this was a 5 minute rhyme dashed off over breakfast, because I wanted some sort of riddle to accompany the photographic "proof" that I'd been by Jozien's lair...! It's not an attempt at any great art, just a bit of rhyming silliness.

jozien said...

gee, i see i come in a little late, yes, i do know what it is. Do you really want to know?
Because i just hate to spoil the fun.

RachelW said...

Haha, Jozien! Yes, of course... our friend T told me what it is, and she egged me on to take a picture as proof that I'd been out your way, in case we didn't meet up with you! And then we did, so I thought, ah well this will make a nice riddle...

Fat Arse said...


Sedate and secure - your words in this one are absolutely... lyrical.

Thanks, it was a good way to end a digital Saturday