Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The chase

That mangy scratching fleabag is stalking me
again, no, again, why won’t he leave me alone?
I just know he’s caught onto my lemon scent
ripe melon-rind-crushed-lemon scent
as I bleed into the ground.

I hide downwind in a scruff of trees
hoping he’ll go some other way
but the turncoat breeze sweeps surely ‘round
betraying me and my persimmon scent
rotting red-persimmon scent
as I bleed into the ground.

Feet pounding the earth, here comes bag-of-bones
tongue lolling down, scrawny face, ratty ears
so I plunge into the raging, boiling stream
as she gives sudden birth to the spring overflow
and ice-water combs through the willow trees
scouring my hot-pepper scent
accursed sharp hot-pepper scent
as I bleed into the ground.

Rachel Westfall
May 12, 2009

For you, Christopher.


Catvibe said...

Brilliant. Especially after reading Christopher's poem in the last comments. I loved the scent repetitions, and bleed into the ground is haunting. And yet the poem is delightful in its imagery. Dogs. Doggely Dogs. Unless you are speaking of that werewolf creature I heard in the woods a couple of nights ago. Had the dogs howling like no tomorrow...

Rikkij said...

Rach love it all but especially the turncoat breeze. Could see your frustration at being dogged, but maybe not really so much? ~rick

jozien said...

laughing out loud.
I love it!

Woman in a Window said...

Holy crap! I love this! The repetition, the imagery, the cadence, ok, every darn thing. Now, what did Christopher write?

Faith said...

Wow! :)

RachelW said...

Cat, thanks! Yes, doggely dogs... A werewolf? Ooh!

Rick, hmm yes, fickle breeze! Yep, maybe not so much.

Jozien, haha! I'm so glad!

Erin, he wrote a poem in the comments in my last poem, the granite one. Not sure how he got where he did, nor how I got where I did, but it sure was fun anyway!

Faith! :-)

christopher said...


Damn, you hard to catch, girl.

christopher said...

BTW, whoever heard dogs talk so good? Shapeshifting indeed.

Karen said...

Love this and love the give and take of the poems between you two.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Just got back to Blogland after a few days off..I knew I would find some great poems here waiting for me. I am not disappointed! Thanks!

Wolfman said...

My nose will find your scent
My legs will catch you; efforlessly!
My eyes will see you in the day and night
My ears will hear you--wherever you may be
My teeth will gently lead you into my den to keep you warm and safe
Your words get into my blood; wild-blood!
You are the wild-women whom I seek, will find, will protect

The scent of the wildness is in you.....Aaaa Woooo

Run with the Wolves, Beautiful :)

SarahA said...

Over the years (I have noticed)the many Canadians I have come in contact with, all seem to write such beautiful words, weaving stories within.You are no acception.
I am loving your images, making such clear in my mind and the humour woven between the lines.
Lovely write, you.

RachelW said...

Christopher, hehehe....

Karen, thanks! Yes, it's so fun!

K., you are very kind. Thank you!

Wolfman, damn, yes, you've caught me. ;) Grandma, what big ears you have... all the better to hear you with, my dear! Sarah, neat! Thanks! It's nice to think of Canadians that way, when we have other sides that aren't so appealing.