Thursday, May 28, 2009

Freshly made love

This is a morning for chocolate,
for the sun’s kiss tingling smooth-slick skin
and robins, contented in their rich song.

Crack the window for the unforgettable smell
of line-dried sheets and a touch of rain
on the chaos-wild garden.

This is a morning for cow-plops,
horse-doovers in the tall meadow grass,
and bluebottle flies all a-buzz.

Somewhere, freckled kids laugh
along a barbed-wire fence, tickle-grass
and dirt roads their new mother.

Rachel Westfall
May 28, 2009


Kyddryn said...


Shade and Sweetwater,

Faith said...

Oh so wonderful:) Line dry sheets -- I love that smell...always have...And all the summer images...You have perfectly written what I feel as memory of my summers here in Vermont -- and what I have hoped summer has held for my kids. Beautiful!

I was so sad to read your previous post. For children to work so hard and to not be heard. How do we teach them in this world to speak, if no one is willing to listen???:( You must be so proud of your son.

Rikkij said...

Rach-ah, summer mornings. I could feel the breeze. ~rick

Woman in a Window said...

Laughing at chocolate's echo, cow-plops! And yet I know these mornings. Know them and love them.

christopher said...

Heh. Munch. I like the flavor of chocolate so much that I will hold it in my mouth while it dissolves.

Piratedred said...

Thanks for help. For all you have done and all you do...

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

What a nostalgic and reflective poem.

Crack the window for the unforgettable smell
of line-dried sheets and a touch of rain
on the chaos-wild garden.

so beautiful....

Catvibe said...

Chocolate chaos wild
sheets, line dried
robin's garden kiss
a touch of rain

Yum, what a sweet morning your words design.

joker the lurcher said...

fabulous, timeless, puts me in mind of a particular sort of english novel, where summer is endless and slow.

Karen said...

Ah, summer! And childhood! This brings both back so clearly.

RachelW said...

K, thank you!

Faith, yes, I hope my kids get that as well. I'm afraid life has become too urban for kids, and they don't get the benefit of what older generations had. And yes, I'm very proud of my son for speaking out for the natural environment.

Rick, I really appreciate summer here in the north, where it is short and sweet.

Erin, haha, yeah! Chocolate's echo.

Christopher, I like to do that too, but I rarely have the patience. In the end, gluttony wins out. :)

Pirate, thank you.

K., thanks!

Cat, I like how you have played with those images. Sweet...

Joker, haha! Neat idea!

Karen, yes! It's coming... summer, not necessarily childhood, though I do hope to relive some of the experiences.

Anonymous said...

You have managed to capture my mornings here now.We are still in May, but the last few days it has seemed like Summer. His kisses so warm on my skin.
Lovely images, you.

KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Very nice ---wonderful images and phrases.

Poetikat said...

I loved the chaos-wild garden and the horse-doovers! This is such an evocative, crystal-clear piece. I feel like I'm standing on the roadside looking in on your life.


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