Sunday, May 3, 2009


I like to think of writer's block not as a bock, really, but rather a search for inspiration, then the words to convey what inspires us. Karen wrote a lovely piece on this just recently. Here's something that I wrote in response, thinking of how inspiration is found in some of the most everyday things, those things that are precious and dear to our hearts, but which we sometimes neglect.

And sometimes it is you
who inspires me, you;
words written scarlet
from something as simple,
as everyday-ordinary
as the way you carry yourself,
strong and unassuming;
the turn of your head,
a flash of sun-brushed cheek; or
the way the light swims mischievously
in your eyes, a golden fish
brushing the surface of
the murky pond.

Where do you go to find inspiration when you are feeling void of creative words? Most often, I find the words start to flow when I visit my neighbouring blogs...


Lisa said...

yes, i love to visit the blogs for inspiration- also the world around me- a walk to the store can prompt me in no time xx

Woman in a Window said...

Usually the ordinary for me. That's where the most magic resides. I've written a couple poems about writing poems but I've yet to post them. My deck is too full. (Like the fish flashing in eye. Very nice.)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Rachel, I can't imagine that you would ever have trouble being inspired, as you are one of the most prolific poets in blogsville. You post a poem a day!

"...a golden fish
brushing the surface of
the murky pond."

that is sooooo good!

Catvibe said...

I'm giggling and agreeing with what K said. It's not just that you're so prolific, it's just that each poem is so great!

I find myself moving from one creative mode to another, whether painting, writing, movie making, singing, gardening, all the energy seems to go into one place at one time and then leaves that place and flows into something else. (A romantic excuse for why I haven't posted a poem in at least a month? ;-/) You are an inspiration to me, the beauty that comes through you, it is divinity.

Rikkij said...

Rach-Something comes to me, then I write. If I make myself come up with somethin, it's usually shit! (can I say that here?.You just did you silly twit!) I need quiet and to look at the sky or hawks circling. It seems to speak to me. Or I just come and look at your stuff. That would be non-shit. (he did it again!) ~rick

Karen said...

I guess you know where I go ;-)

Since I've started writing poems, I am much more observant than I used to be -- everything is fodder!

I don't know how you can write a poem every day, and like K. and Cat said, they're good!!

Faith said...

I often come here for inspiration:) You really have an amazing way of looking at the world and turning it into poetry.:)

Linda S. Socha said...

You are an inspiraton.....and I love the way you have of looking at the world.

Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

Nice. Very accoustic words in a high-speed tech world where the personal are giving way to isolation pertaining to relationships with others and our environment. Art imitating life - bring it on!

nollyposh said...

so ~beautiful~

ConverseMomma said...

My children, music, my past, my current emotions, nature, all of you lovely readers, so many things. It really is all around us, isn't it?

RachelW said...

Lisa, it's a wonderful community, isn't it?

Erin, yep, me too-- and I'd love to see what you wrote.

K, Thank you! I try to write every day but I don't always manage it. Sometimes work and life get in the way. I have this... fear, that if I don't write for a little while, I'll forget how.

Cat, thank you too! I love the neat stuff you've been sharing. I also tend to move between media, but I'll stick with each one obsessively for a while before moving on to a new love and neglecting the others.

Rick me to! Haha! Try and force something, and it does usually come out like shit.

Karen, yes, it does keep the antenna up, doesn't it? What bugs me are all the things I see, or lines that run through my head, that I don't write down... and then they are lost.

Faith, you are so kind. :)

Linda, thank you.

Minister, ooh... thanks.

Nolly, thank you!

Kelly, yep, all of those things... it is all around us.