Sunday, May 24, 2009


To love is a choice:
slow mountains yearn
with patience, broad
and stone by stone
caress the plains
so as not to crumble
alarmingly, nor suffocate
the fair grass-swept
dear flatlands of their desire.

To love is a promise
the swallows make
to the bright spring sky,
into which they soar
with trust and joy,
never to doubt or criticize,
nor have eyes for another
(perhaps that hot-sweet
sky of summer?)

To love is the loss
the river takes
when she releases her guard,
her crust of ice
to warm her embrace
for the nesting gulls
who she held in her heart
all winter long
though they had left her,
fickle, seeking warmer flows
nigh on a year ago.
(This year, this year
oh finally,
perhaps they will stay?)

Rachel Westfall
May 24, 2009


Woman in a Window said...

OHMYGOD, beautiful, perfectly crafted. This one deserves to live forever. ohmygod, i am loving this, Rachel.

Fat Arse said...

Now this is a Sunday morn' delight - thanks.

christopher said...

Rachel, I agree with Erin. You have outdone yourself.

The Case For Reverence

This is when I bow
deep and low before the sight
of your soft lit face
in calligraphy
and vellum, quill inky dipped
and drawing truly
shaped fonts and red verbs
across my heart, along wisps
and webs of my hope.
This is when I bow
to you and what you've chosen
and make love my own.

SarahA said...

This is beautiful, you. Just beautiful, really beautiful.

Aleksandra said...


jozien said...

So Love-ly!!!
Why gulls? They scream so loud, and do not stay.
How about a Bufflehead? A beautiful small cavity-nesting duck. On the river, where it keeps down her guard all winter, they do occasionally stay.

RachelW said...

Erin, oh thank you dear, why does the best stuff always come out when I'm agonizing? It's like giving birth I suppose, hmm...

FA, glad you enjoyed. :)

Christopher, and so have you. That is truly, truly lovely. A keeper.

Sarah, thank you!

Aleksandra, thank you; great to see you. I've tried to comment on your blog quite a few times, but for some reason I can't get it to load properly!

Jozien, if only we could choose, but the heart speaks for herself, and we just have to follow. So it's gulls, not buffleheads. Damn. ;)

Rikkij said...

Rach-lovely writing, giving emotions and care to things that should have them and actually maybe do. Love'll do that to ya! ~rick

Catvibe said...

So gorgeous Rachel. You awe and dazzle me with your crafting of this poem. The second stanza especially wonderful for me, I love swallows so and could see them swooping through the air in your words.

Right now I am loving this rain.

Poetikat said...

This has a very classical feel to it, for me-- Elizabeth Barrett Browing even.
As others have said, you have outdone yourself with this. Your craft is ever-evolving.


ConverseMomma said...

I've been away from blogging, but this...this was worth coming back for.

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely, specially the first three lines of each of the second and third stanzas, such perfect images...

RachelW said...

Rick, I think they do, but maybe I'm just too sentimental.

Cat, thank you-- I love the swallows too, and the sky is full of them right now.

Kat, ooh! I'm blushing!

Kelly, thanks... very sweet of you to say that.

Crafty, thank you!