Saturday, May 2, 2009

Misery (snippet)

She roars, and where is sleep?
Hiding somewhere in a far corner
of the room, hunkered down
preparing for the storm
ears flattened, tail dropped low
between folded limbs.

If you know of a cure for childhood night terrors and sleepwalking, I'm all ears. My household hasn't slept the night through in over a year. I wanted to add more to this poem, but stalled after the first stanza... maybe it will come later, after a bit more sleep!


Karen said...

Have you tried nutritional fixes? When my son was small, he awoke with night terrors every night. Then I read something about night terrors being tied to drops in blood sugar. To make a long story short, we changed his bedtime snacks and the terrors ended. It's worth a try.

Faith said...

Wow, Rachel. That is so hard. My son used to sleepwalk some-- but it seemed tied with the stresses at school and he hasn't done it for two years (since homeschooling) But I really think he just grew out of it. I remember not being able to sleep at all some nights thinking he would get hurt. I was always alert as if he were still a baby...

Your snippet of a poem is great. I love the image of sleep hunkered down -- as though it could pounce, but just won't.

Wishing you and your family more restful nights to come.

Woman in a Window said...

I can visualize that elusive and moody sleep hunkered down, as you say. I can't pretend to have advice. I hope you find some answers, some peace.

Fat Arse said...


When my son was very young he went through an eight week long bout of night terrors. At our wits end, I one night put an old clock radio into his room set it to CBC 2. Putting it on very, very low volume I kept in on all night. Mostly classical it seemed to do the trick in about three nights. Of course, there could have been a totally unrelated reason why he ceased having the terrors - but I always maintained that by having the background music already on when he awoke during the night gave him something to be surrounded by more than just the terrifying silence and it brought him out of himself so to speak until he feel back to sleep. You may find it worth a try? Very low volume seemed to be the key.

Rikkij said...

Rach-I'm pretty sure poets and writers might be a bad lot for sleep disorder repair. So sorry, Rach Hope things go well tonight. ~rick

RachelW said...

Karen, thanks for the tip. We eat a very clean diet (no sugar, no white flour, no animal products etc.), and this kid eats quite a bit in the evenings. I wonder what kinds of snacks worked for you? Something slow-burning?

Faith, thank you for the well-wishes! I hope she'll grow out of it soon, too. There were some triggers (dad moved out, then the kids and I stopped co-sleeping shortly afterwards).

Erin, thanks :)

Fat Arse, yes I've thought of trying music/white noise on the radio, and haven't gotten around to it yet. You've reminded me to give it a shot. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get CBC2 up here, but I have some music on cd that I could put on infinite repeat.

Rick, sad but true! :-(

Karen said...

We cut anything with sugar in it and switched to low glycemic foods -- unsweetened yogurt and high fiber fruits and veggies. If you're already sugar free, this may not be the cause.

My little grandson sleeps with a white noise machine in the room. The last time he was here, I switched it to a heartbeat sound, and he slept soundly.

Catvibe said...

My son had night terrors and insomnia since he was a baby, and it went on long into his teenage years, and he is still an insomniac. I hope you find a solution, it is a tough tough situation for all of you, I send you strength and a hug.

Aniket said...

I have no clue how to get over this condition Rachel. A couple of beers might help, but then that's a temporary solution. :P

I hope you get over it soon. Best wishes.

RachelW said...

Karen, thanks! I'll see if a food solution helps.

Cat, sorry to hear that. :(

Aniket, she is only 7 so beer is definitely out! ;) Thanks for your well-wishes!

Kyddryn said...

Oh my friend, I think it's complete as it is.

Meanwhile, shall I send you a dragon, one who perches above the bed, waiting, winking, grinning, one who gobbles up bad dreams, chomp, chomp? How his scales shine, how bright his eyes, how soft and dreamy his voice as he croons, croons, croons his ward to sleep, and how sharp his gaze when he spies frightening dreams lurking in the corners, skulking through the shadows, intent upon their mischief. Snap! Down his gullet they go! Shhh, shhh, he whispers in sleeping ears, I am here, I will watch, I will keep you safe...

Shade and Sweetwater,