Monday, May 4, 2009


My friend Christopher says he and I are wired differently from a lot of other people. Maybe that’s it. There must be some explanation... Others have just called me weird. Whatever it is, it seems to keep me entertained, anyway.


I woke this morning thinking in metaphor,
nothing as mundane as riddle or rhyme.
Only you understood, swung me around,
helicopter style; my toes barely brushing the grass
on each rotation, sandals skimming
the cold spring lawn. Too early for sundresses,
I wore one anyway, three stripes of yellow,
red and blue, and it whirled into
the tricolour rings of a flower
the way a bee sees them.

I woke this morning seeing in u-v.
Only you understood,
plopped me down in the dandelions
golden with pollen and bee-licked nectar,
so I could lay on my back and watch
my fuzzy-bottomed brethren
go about their business
against the hazy-blue sky.

Rachel Westfall
May 4, 2009


Rikkij said...

careful, Rach-them fuzzy bottom boyz got stingers! ~rick

Aniket said...

We all are weird in our own sense. It only takes a likely weirdo to understand the other. :D

And need I say I loved this one. This was so full of spirit!

"helicopter style; my toes barely brushing the grass
on each rotation, sandals skimming the cold spring lawn."

You are a true genius!

Great day today... gettong many great poems to read. :-)

ConverseMomma said...

That first stanza was my favorite thing you have ever written. My husband teases me about living in metaphor all the time. I hope that is rubbing off on my children. Weird always felt like a compliment to me, anyway.

Faith said...

I love this Rachel:) I have said to my daughter on many occassions that she lives her life in metaphor. She is in tune with the epics that have been written, with the archetypes...

It can be so hard to be understood and yet so simple too:) I love this poem. I will share it with her:)

christopher said...

Grandfather's Comment

And me now, icing
my back, can't resist throwing
you about, but pay
the old weak back price.
Being grandfather is tough
enough but forget
my state and icing
my back is the price I pay
for loving you so.

I would do it again.

Karen said...

As for you and Christopher -- Vive la difference!

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Your poems just amaze me. So prolific too!

Woman in a Window said...

I love the imagery! So perfectly fun. Can't get the buzz out of my brain. And the metaphor...those that don't see in metaphor are weird, my dear, weird and boring.

(PLUS, last night...taking about weird...someone had posted bug porn. Really. Isabella Rossellini and bug porn. You've got to see it...go to and follow the links. I just watched the first one and laughed my ass off!)

Catvibe said...

I was sitting next to a bee doing his grabbing back the petals and putting his face and long tongue into the flower, just the other day. This poem make me think of him and his busy little life. Sweetness and nectar...

Ghost Dansing said...

looking lustfully
at my fuzzy-bottomed brethren
pondering pollen puffs
stuck on megapis fur
thinking of honey
caught in sunshine glow

Karen said...

I love the way you think. What a gift to be able to think in metaphor and to inhabit so many different skins!

RachelW said...

Rick, have you ever noticed they don't bother you when you are tuned into them? I remember my little brother fishing bees out of his wading pool with his bare hand. They would dry themselves in his hand without harming him, even letting the stinger out a little to drip water off it. He was never stung.

Aniket, haha! Yes, there is comfort in being among similarly-minded weirdos! :)

Kelly, yes it is a compliment to you. I hope it rubs off on my children, too. I think it already has.

Faith, thanks for sharing it with your daughter. :)

Christopher, yes, the other side of the story!! You've touched me with that one. And I'd be the little girl begging to be swung around, just once more, or a hundred times.

Karen, hehe!

Thanks, Diane :)

Erin, ok I will have to go look at the bug porn. Hmm....

Cat, that is very sweet! We have been waiting for the bees to come out here. Giant bumblers. The kids have been watching for them, talking about them, but we haven't seen one yet.

Ghost, teehee! Thank you!

Karen, thanks... you do it too, you know!

Busy-me said...

Another stinging poem by the Queen Bee...hey, I forgot to let you know that I have seen a bee last Friday while I too was very busy don't you know; zing-gaaaaa...Hah!

Honey: Keep them stinging :)

Julie said...

I love it! I don't think you or Christopher are weird. You're both very talented. Of course, I'm a weirdo, so what do I know? Ha! Ha! But even a weirdo like me can tell that you are a wonderful poet. It's always great to see your work, and I'm glad you think the way you do!