Thursday, May 7, 2009

temptation (the language of cookies)

steam and crumble
ground nuts, flax
honey, oil, cinnamon
oats milled fine as flour
sultanas puffed pillows
sweet-heat, chocolate
slick, slippery
on the pan, dare
we dare, we dare you
to sink your teeth in,
ouch! gums on fire, skin
will hang in strands
from the roof of each
unsuspecting mouth,
so readily succumbed

Rachel Westfall
May 7, 2009


Lisa said...

yes, exactly- my daughter made double choc chip last night- i love them hot xx

Woman in a Window said...

And yet every time we will dare the burn for the instant sensation of sweet and just baked. Just the way we are, I suppose.

Aniket said...

we dare, we dare you
to sink your teeth in,"

Its like the song of the sirens and we always give in. Such a sweet lovely description of a great sinful pleasure!

Fat Arse said...


Wonderful... and true. Our two girls were baking oatmeal/choc-chip two weekends ago. Of the age (at long last!) when they can be trusted not to burn down the house - they made the mess, made the cookies, and cleaned up. Twenty minutes later first batches were baked. Next thing I hear, above the tv's din (hockey of course) is the pre-teen telling the just-teen "Ouch, that's really hot!" Two seconds later I hear the one who is older (who should know better) do same.

Next morning, guess what, I got two girls complaining their mouths are burnt - to which I say, the roof-mouth burns will only heal quickly if they talk less. Ah, the silence that Sunday was golden. Bless baking and its unintended consequences!

Karen said...

This is sweetly reminiscent for me. I only bake cookies at Christmastime now that my kids are gone. I'll bet my husband would be in there like the kids if I'd do it. Good idea, Rachel!

Catvibe said...

I was about 8 when I learned to make cookies, and I as a latch key kid, so I would make big batches for my mom (and eat most of them before she got home). Yum. I love the way you wrote this, its so funny! And who hasn't experienced the impatient need to eat them so fast that they burn their mouth?

Rikkij said...

God, I hate that skin from strands on roof!! but I get it from pixxa-I can wait for the cookies to cool. Rach-you left an interesting comment at my place (thanks) I responded, if you get a chance. save me a cookie!~rick

Rikkij said...

Pizza-not pixxa! I guess that would be adult pizza? ~rick

Faith said...

Great is always my son who burns his mouth...he is also the one to make the cookies:D

I hope you are all feeling better ... cookies must mean that you are?

love to you

Anonymous said...

That's it, I'm coming to hang out at your house! This poem was yummy enough to make my mouth water! (and yes, i can smell the cinnaman and chocolate in my cubicle);-) Hope your feeling better. Thanks for visting me over at EG.

Erika said...

Oh my God! How many times I have done that... sweet torture!

Poetikat said...

Ouch! I felt that. I made banana bread the other day - not nearly as dangerous.
Of course now you've made me want some cookies.


Crafty Green Poet said...

oh i know that feeling! Lol. I'm really hungry just now too...

RachelW said...

Thank you all! There is something truly wonderful about having your appetite come back after feeling sick. Everything tastes and smells so much better than ever before. Even pixxa, haha! ;)

I'm sorry I've been so late in responding to comments... it's been a very busy time around here lately. We are all mostly well now, and there is so much to do, between work, stuff the kids are committed to, and yard cleanup. The garden, I can't wait to garden! :-)

Cynthia said...

Delicious! Sultanas stuffed pillows sweet heat!
Oh yeah!