Tuesday, June 23, 2009


You said they weren't real,
Those winged-scaled-figments of our
hyperactive imaginations

then I saw
a little dragon curled
perfectly, pointed tail swept up
like paisley, scales pressed
firm around the girl's wrist
where it hung on just so,
like any contented pet.

And her eyes shone so bright,
the smile switching on
across her moon-round face
filled with trust as she
stroked that wee lizard's back
and gazed up at me happily
through a delightful swath
of erratic dark hair.

I saw her truth, but you,
you I will never believe again
after this.

Rachel Westfall
June 21, 2009

For Christopher's dragon.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Maaan, wish I had a wrist-dragon...

christopher said...

The Dangers Of Living With Dragons

I realize I've
burned your trust as if I breathed
dragon's fire through holes
in my wizened soul.
I would slink off like weasels
do if I weren't caught
here in the web we
wove long ago together
out of dragon's hair.

RachelW said...

constellations, oh me too, me too! Ever since I read the earthsea trilogy, I've wanted one, like the girl Yarrow.

Christopher, that damn dragon's hair, it gets on everything! ;)

Rikkij said...

Rach-we must be careful when told things aren't real-and when told they are. wonder what a web of dragon's hair feels like? nice. ~rick

Woman in a Window said...

HA! And Christopher's response is perfect!

You two! Now stop fighting, shake hands and get on with playing marbles. You play marbles as a kid in the Yukon?

Char said...

Rach and Chris---you two have a fire breathing past?

Rob-bear said...

Dragons are good. We have two in our house, which are much-loved and played with by our grandchildren.

I understand that dragons bring good luck. Is that so?

Michelle Johnson said...

What a beautiful image- dragon around a wrist. Children will pick up anything, won't they? How delightful to believe in something...

Anonymous said...

d to play too...is that ok??

RachelW said...

Rick, and here, I hadn't even known that dragons have hair! Ha!

Erin, hehe-- nope, kids here do other fun things, like spraypaint the walls of the community skating rink, experiment with illegal substances and rip up the woods with their atvs. Hehe, I'm exaggerating of course; actually most of the kids are pretty wholesome...

Char, hmm, I don't think so!

Rob-bear, I think it depends on which mythology you read. The Chinese ones certainly bring good luck, and they aren't known for snatching maidens or snacking on the villagers' sheep.

Michelle, we should never lose that ability, to believe.

Jorc, yes, please do!

joaquin carvel said...

i love how this turns - the coming into believing (and not believing) - and the image of a tiny dragon on a child's wrist is fantastic.