Saturday, June 27, 2009


I never meant to fall in love;
I kept my heart apart, separate
as I looked to him patiently,
expectantly as any good student
looks upon a teacher.

But then he began to weave his sound,
reaching low, pulling notes
from the dark sacred soul of the earth
herself, pulling high, reaching notes
of the swallows, of the hawks
in their long slow circle
of the hot summer sky.

I never meant to fall in love;
but it came, pulled out
tendril by red-slick tendril,
with the force of the conjurer-surgeon
calling out a swollen appendix without
a single cut
and so I laid it
on the ground at his feet.

Rachel Westfall
June 25, 2009

And again, this was written in conversation with Christopher. It still needs a good title.


Rikkij said...

Rach- I know that song, that circling hawk. preaching to the choir sister!
beautiful poem. ~rick

Kyddryn said...

Lovely, your words are wont to be.

I know the feeling.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Linda S. Socha said... really do have a wonderful way with words.

jozien said...

Call it; Glory

like a feather
i do fall
vibrating in the music
of it all
never let me reach the ground

Rachel as you see
i love falling in love

Michelle Johnson said...

This is such a great poem. I hung on every word even though I never had a crush on any of my teachers. Unfortunately though I did have my appendix removed. Excellent ending. Have a great day.

Woman in a Window said...

lawd, lawd, "with the force of the conjurer-surgeon
calling out a swollen appendix without
a single cut".

I've been under the knife.


christopher said...

The Conversation continues...

Weaving Light

It's impossible to
weave the strands of light without
your help or your song
to back the long work
of photon cloth, shades of color
the like of which are
never seen nearby.

That's why I've called you farther
than ever before.

Aniket said...

"with the force of the conjurer-surgeon
calling out a swollen appendix without
a single cut"

You sure know how to surprise the readers. I have to read it twice to believe you actually wrote that. lol

Aniket said...

PS: I left out to say that I so very loved it and that I love how you bring something fresh and new each time.

Kelly (conversemomma) said...

Sometimes when I come here, I feel like I am trespassing on something I'm not suppose to know or see. It makes me wonder about the lives that women lead, what secrets they keep, how swollen their hearts.

RachelW said...

Thank you all; your words are such a gift to me. Poetry in return for poetry. How can we do better than that?

I'll be back online on Wednesday, and I'll catch up with everyone's blogs then. I miss reading and conversing with you all, but it's hard to even sneak in for a quick peek here!