Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Shaman's song

My love, I said;
this world is fine
thrumming, alive,
but stagnant.
I need a moon to call my blood,

so he sang a fresh
new moon for me;
he sang one into being.

Curved she was,
smooth sliver of a fingernail
at her hesitant beginning,
barely cradling one small corner
of the light-enchanted sky.

His song, it grew from croon to howl
as vines stretched long
and strong, reaching tendril arms
swaying, stirring life-sap
secret night secretions

and that moon-sweet sliver
swelled and grew, coaxed tenderly
in guttural chants and lullabies
older than bedrock and ocean’s swell;
coaxed tenderly
from sliver into orb.

My love, I said;
this world is fine
thrumming, alive.

Blessed be this moon
that calls my blood;
Blessed be this song enchanted.

Rachel Westfall
June 3, 2009

Inspired, yes, by Christopher.


kelly said...

First off, thanks for linking Christoper. I went over there yesterday and was moved by the heart on his nothern wall.

Now, to your moon. I find it calling to me lately. There is something full and sexy about it, something that makes all the negativity in me still as I bathe in its reflections.

Would you find me off if I told you I have this impulse every night to take off all my clothes and swim in it out in the yard? Oh well...I am, weird that is, and I would very much like to eat the moon.

christopher said...

Faerie Dance

It's time for a jig
or a jug perhaps of dew,
time for you and me
to give way to rays
and beams of night light shining
on the shiny skin
of drums and throbbing
beats, the heat of things to come
and we to fly far.

RachelW said...

Kelly, I love that idea. Bathing in the light of the moon. What a great way to purify. I have a big chunk of quartz crystal, and sometimes I leave it out in the garden for a full moon-cycle to cleanse its energy.

Christopher, let's dance! And let's fly among the flowers of the trees, those which give their odour only at night, those mysterious small green flowers that are so full of magic, sometimes we forget they are real.

Woman in a Window said...
those who know the moon
know a little bit more.
my mouth finds itself hungry,
not for consumption,
but for knowing.

Alexa said...

Wouw girl,this is wonderfuly beautiful,thank you!Sandra

Michelle Johnson said...

Hello Rachel~ I must say that the google reader doesn't do this poem justice as it bunches the words altogether.

Your words are beautifully expressed. I can see the swelling of the moon taking place, so vividly. Makes one reconnect to what night has to offer and to understand the moon on stronger terms. Well done. Have a great day.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I always love poems about the moon. This one is magical and faery-ish. Lovely, as always. You never disappoint!

Anonymous said...

Like a lullabye. Beautiful, you.

Catvibe said...

What an astounding gift you have Rachel. Does this beauty just flow from you like water? Shine down upon you like the moon's light on a clear night? Do fireflies surround you and lift you up on their wings? I think they do...and leave your fingers touched with gold dust. Its a conspiracy, I'm certain! So beautiful.

Rikkij said...

Rach- I felt like we were cross-legged in a tent shadowed by a flickering candle, pines rustling beyond the fabric as you read this. I even peeked out to spy the moon. Yes-I liked it. ~rick

RachelW said...

Erin, heh... yes, and now she grows full. What seeds shall we plant?

Sandra, thank you dear! I still can't comment on your blog... bah. :(

Michelle, thanks kindly. I really appreciate your encouragement.

K. Thanks! I try not to go on about the moon, lovely as she is, but once in a while one of these poems sort of channels through me and I just have to write it down. I love it when that happens.

Sarah, thanks! Lullabye, or bedtime story, either way I like it. :)

Cat, you are totally making me blush! :) I think these words come from someplace else, I'm not sure where, I just have to zone out and write them down before I lose the thread. And Christopher had a lot to do with this one.

Rick, very nice... I'm so happy that the story-telling/mythology aspect came through. I'd hoped it would.

Aleksa said...

Hi Rachel,Im moving my blog becouse Im blocked or hacked or bugged by google itself I think,couse I wrote to blogger lot of times but still have no influence on whats happening on my blog dorectly,and I hate the bloody follower thing,most of troubles is coming trough that,I think.I have noted your adres and other lovely people so Ill try later to contact you all.OK? Hugs from me,Sandra (thats why I changed my name that often in hope it would help,it didnt. Ciao