Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pile o' Bones

deep barrow yellowheaded impostor
wee lilacs
redwinged beauty
mr. gruff
nested silhouette
professional daycare
for julie
mr. longlegs


Anonymous said...

Mr. Gruff might be the cutest thing I've seen all week. ^_^

RachelW said...

Isn't he, though? I'm quite partial to mr. longlegs, too. His ears are askew, and he has the most amazing hop, like a tiny deer or gazelle.

Michelle Johnson said...

Mr Gruff is adorable, Yellowhead Impostor is beautiful and Mr Longlegs looks well taken care of.

I see redwings around here all the time. They fly in and out and chatter to you while your outside. Great post. Have a nice day.

christopher said...

Shape Shifting

You asked me to shift
shape with you. You took your flight
and left me with ears
and stronger haunches
than I've ever had before.
I hunkered, hiding
in the grass like hares
often do, seething about
how I would rather
be a bear, dammit!

Catvibe said...


Rikkij said...

is Mr Guff having a pee and not too happy with the intrusion? Is the silhouette a gazebo? I know, too many questions. ~rick

RachelW said...

Michelle, :)

Christopher, I do love bunnies, but you really don't have to become one. I'd like you just as well if you were a bear, you know. :-) They give much better hugs, and without all the kicking and scratching.

Cat, :)

Rick, that certainly would explain his expression and countenance. I hadn't realised I was intruding so with my camera! The silhouette is part of a circle of silhouettes, not a gazebo, as there's nowhere to sit inside it or anything. I guess it's just for looks. It does make a nice sort of doily thing, though.

Woman in a Window said...

I'm glad you're sharing your images...for those of us who don't get to travel...harumph!

HAR! Christopher! A bear!