Monday, June 1, 2009

Why I ran

Here I was, wondering what I'd write about today. Thanks to Christopher, I don't need to wonder any longer. What would I do without Christopher?

Why I ran

Touched, I was, that you followed me
that I mattered enough
to be counted among your lost treasures.

If only you had kept your voice down,
touched me with the softness
of a robin’s wing, careful
not to jar our fragile eggs of blue

I would have fallen, fallen deep

but for the edge of anger, your
voice rising, an axe, gut clenched
like a fist, shattering the day.

Rachel Westfall
June 1, 2009


Linda S. Socha said...

Beautifully done.....

But for the edge of anger,your
voice rising, an axe, gut clenched
like a fist, shattering the day

Relationships can shift in a moment
This poem has many interesting shifts Rachael

Kyddryn said...

You know...this is hard, sharp, and beautiful.

Especially to one who has felt "clenched like a fist" for years (I've been using that turn of phrase for a while now, how odd is that??)...and is trying to open...

But cannot open when, every time she starts...someone pokes at her heart, looking for treasure that just isn't there.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Catvibe said...

Your poem and Christopher's post bring to light such a feeling of sadness and loneliness in me today. Sigh, perhaps today I should write a has been a such a long time...

I hope to see you at my blog again soon Rachel, I've missed you there.

christopher said...

PerceptionsAw Hell, and it was
me just a little angry...
Damn! Just somewhat hot.
There you go again
taking things so hard, so mean,
as if I would strike
you down like he did.

I'm just an old teddy bear,
all three hundred pounds.

Karen said...

Ooh! Have we all had this at some time? Poor Teddy. He didn't mean it...(Isn't that what they all say?)

Okay, Christopher...not you.

Rikkij said...

Rach-that damn ugly anger can sure screw things up! I prefer the robin's wing. good stuff, you! ~rick

Woman in a Window said...

Such a contrast in imagery. I was all softened in the first, and then laid upon hard at last. Not fair.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

but for the edge of anger, your
voice rising, an axe, gut clenched
like a fist, shattering the day.

Strong impressive piece. I really liked this, Rachel.

fullonmommy said...

Just when you think it's all peachy...
it ain't.

Sometimes I feel like I'm trapped in a forcefield of other people's junk. I need to find a good way to remove myself, I always take it to heart.

Hope it's better now.

Piratedred said...

I was that one. The one that pushed to hard. I tried to explain that I was not trying to hurt her. But it was to late.

K. You will always be my Heart, my Soul, my Life, and my Love. But most of all, you will always be my friend.

Please forgive me.

RachelW said...

Linda, thanks. You're so right; the mood can shift so quickly.

Kyddryn, that's rough. I'm holding you in my heart.

Cat, great to see you working on poetry again. And your documentary is beautiful!

Christopher, aww, that's sweet. Just a teddy bear getting a bit hot around the collar.

Karen, true enough!

Rick, yeah. Me too. Thanks!

Erin, you're right. It's not fair, is it?

K, thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated!

Fullon, yeah. Thankfully, this was a response to another poem, and not something that actually just happened.

Pirate, I'm sorry you feel that way. It's so hard to find the right balance between loving attentiveness and giving someone their space so you aren't overbearing.

Ravy said...

I think some people don't understand the sensitivities of a strong word, a punch to a wall when you know that wall is actually you in not so subtle that can actually hurt physically. I understand this. I understand all of this. I've been there. hugs to you Rachel.