Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why I stay

An old school friend just sent me a package of comfrey roots for the garden, and she threw in some wonderful little packets of heirloom seeds, with a few bird feathers for good luck. Summer is suddenly here in all her glory, and the kids are down to their last two weeks of school. The yard is full of nesting birds. We've planted so many little rescue trees from a construction site, my entire body is humming from all the digging and lifting. So I guess you could say life is pretty good.

To top it all off, Christopher keeps handing me delicious poetry-fodder. (Quite unintentionally, of course, but I must give credit where credit is due.) Please stop by and visit his blog, as my poem will make more sense if you do, and his place is wonderful besides. This one seems like a good counterpoint for yesterday's poem.

Why I stay

That you hold on,
this makes it safe for me
to love you, even knowing
one day
I just might
have to wail with the wind
that lonely wind
in a healthy course of mourning
when you reluctantly
take your leave.

Other bright flames
dance in the wind
that self-same wind, mocking;
daring her breath to strike
them down
I guard my heart against
their charm, knowing
they would never stay
for me.

Rachel Westfall
June 2, 2009


KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Especially apropos in my current journey. Very well done, and thanks for stopping by When I wax recently.

On another note, we have quite a bit of comfrey growing here, planted long ago by a "progressive" farmer who stewarded this farm before us...what do you use it for?

christopher said...

Talking back and forth. I commented on my post with this. So I will put it here too :)
It is hard to keep quiet when you go on like this.

The Wind Of Your Truth

The wind of your truth
pushes against me, testing
my balance among
this grove of ancient
trees. Listen to the soughing
of the upper limbs
as the far dim sun
slowly wakes this day and me
thawing out beneath.

Anonymous said...

The first stanza reminded me of my children, loving them, knowing that I will have to let them go, and mourn their small backs grown into adulthood. The second verse, the second verse is the world around us, the things I could do, be, the things that are sometimes elusive to me now that I have the responsibility of being a mother. Sure, they are bright and beautiful, and I sometimes long to touch, to hold as my own, but I know they will never be as rooted as my children even though I will have to let them go, they anchor me, their small arms, their big futures, our wide open hearts.

Ravy said...

I loved poetry as a child, a left it for awhile and then returned at 15 to Rod MacKuen no less and Robert Frost..yes I know.

I had an old album proudly titled one hundred and one poems by Brenda (which is another name of mine) I left it again...I could not understand the fascination with poetry of some people..the lending of it so much importance and place. You and Christopher have brought me back in full force to that dance..and I may stay longer this time. I'm having a good time. Love you Rachel ! Thankyou!

Aniket said...

Its such a harsh moment when we shy away from the fantasies because we know the ugly reality waits at the door. You showed the yin and yang of life beautifully.

May we always have the courage to dream, even knowing they wont come true (most of them wont).

PS: I was unable to comment of 'Why I ran' but just wanted to stay I loved it a lot. Perhaps even a tiny winy bit more than this one. :D

But then its unfair of me to compare, its like which kid you love more. That too they are not even my kids. Okay, I should probably stop typing now. :D :D

Catvibe said...

I love that you are rescuing the trees, so so so much I love that you are doing that. The poem just tugs at my heart, so so so much that I can't really even explain it, but I love it.

Karen said...

Oh, Rachel, you've just described loving. Perfectly:

...even knowing
one day
I just might
have to wail with the wind
that lonely wind
in a healthy course of mourning
when you reluctantly
take your leave.

Rikkij said...

Rach-to hold on loosely is I think wise but oh so hard to do. Beautiful writing, you!~rick

Woman in a Window said...

There's always so much looking forward but we can't predict the wind. Hold on for now and let tomorrow blow. It will take our hair and if only that, at least that will be beautiful.

Ghost Dansing said...

coctail slipper....

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful words, you and the feelings inside of me (when reading such) are beautiful too.

Cynthia said...

Hi Rachel, what gorgeous pictures! I love the
moon on the lake, naturally. Also, the vulnerable
yet impossibly strong white-limbed trees, and
the pathway photos looks so inviting.
Lovely poem, melancholy and delicate.

Piratedred said...


It's like you wrote this after looking into my heart. I know how and who I love, and you have seen why I must stay.

Thank you for saying what I can't seem to find the words to say myself.