Wednesday, July 8, 2009

EBay Remorse

I didn’t mean to steal your treasure.
It was just a friendly bid-war,
but I couldn’t help thinking of you
at the other end, and what you would bake
in that lovely cake pan
if it was truly yours. Maybe,
just maybe, your mother had one like it,
the secret to her day-and-night
birthday cake surprises,
and you’ve always
wanted one just the same.

Or maybe, just maybe
this pan was your grandmother’s,
sold by a fickle cousin
in a heartless online estate sale,
while your heart



in Granny’s summer kitchen watching
delicious lemon-sugared steam
rise from a perfectly curved, oven-hot

Yet here I am, waiting
for my seven and a half pound
cast-iron treasure
to come in the mail, while you
have to start



Rachel Westfall
July 8, 2009


Michelle Johnson said...

Hello Rachel~ I've been at the other end of those bid wars. Now I search for a seller who has a set fee on their product, then buy it. It's much easier that way. Have a great day.

Faith said...

Oh, what a great poem:) I don't do ebay -- it stresses me out:D
I love the thought of the other bidders and what their hopes are -- And cast iron!! Is there anything better??:)I have my grandmother's cast iron frying pans -- and my mother has promised me the griddle :) But alas no cake pans.

LIRIO said...

oh you made me smile

Woman in a Window said...

I'm sorry Rachel but I couldn't read this with any seriousness. I am the best (don't care what anyone else says) last second bidder and as long as I have the cash I'll get it. Probably would be best if I never ran up against you 'cause I have the feeling that even with the clock expired there'd be some kinda butt kicking going on hyper-e-bay. I have a very slight twinge of guilt now for winning though, does that count?

Bake on, crazy mumma, bake on! Much fun!

RachelW said...

Michelle, yeah I have, too. And yes, it is stressful, and not my preferred way of shopping at all! I only resort to ebay for rare and unusual things these days.

Faith, yes, cast iron is what it took to bring me back to ebay. A bundt cake pan, which is no longer made in cast iron and can only be found used, is winging its way to me now. :)

Lirio, I'm glad! :) I was just thinking of you today.

Erin, don't worry, I wrote it tongue-in-cheek. And yeah, I have to admit I won the cake pan in the final 13 seconds.

calliopespen said...

Glad I stumbled in from Wordpress. Great poem..look forward to perusing your site :)

Rikkij said...

Rach- I'm thinkin, huh! she's nothin!
No! not the writing. Your writing is always brilliant. I mean as in she left her opponent thirteen seconds! What a cream puff you are! get serious girl. under 5 sec or you're on the second team. ~rick

Aniket said...

Never done E-bay thingy, so can't relate.
But awesome writeup as always. :P

namingconstellations said... YOU'RE the one who outbid me!!! >:O

(No, just kidding! But eBay has a tendency to bring out the worst in people, and also what I think you've illustrated perfectly here: that slightly awkward pity that hides the undercurrent of, "Ha. I won.")


Karen said...

Laughing out loud! I lost a great pair of shoes...

Piratedred said...

K would have outbid you for a large cast-iron anything.

You have a great day Rachel.


RachelW said...

Calliope's pen, thanks for the visit! I owe you a return visit, which I'll get to shortly.

Rick, heh... okay, I consider myself duly chastised. ;)

Aniket, you're not missing anything, honestly.

Joseph, imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry... ;)

Karen, Ha! :-)

Tony, well I got lucky with this one, I suppose!

joaquin carvel said...

this is really funny but slyly poignant - i love how you switch perspectives and wonder - seeing the person in the vast, faceless machine.

and "delicious lemon-sugared steam" made me hungry. :)