Monday, July 27, 2009

Heat wave

The swallows are gone.

We think and breathe in delphinium blue
peel melons, scratch
until we bleed
soft berries
piece by piece, stolen
from ancestral picking grounds
littered with the cast-off husks
of a thousand squirrels
and dropped syringes

But still, with mournful regret
we see
the swallows are gone.

Rachel Westfall
July 27, 2009


Michelle Johnson said...

I've noticed so many things disappearing from wildlife like snails, tadpoles and honey bees. I'm sure they're still around somewhere but I've not seen them in a long time. Well written.

Rikkij said...

Rach-reads like a tribal prayer. I like that. ~rick

Catvibe said...

The dropped syringes were an sad sight in the vision you painted. I am sad when the swallows go, they are so busy when they are here, and so cheerful. It would be fun to follow them around for an entire year.

I was just catching up on many of your recent posts. I'm so sorry to hear about Trevor! It sounds like he had a rough life and he deserved a special human. It is so very sad how many Trevors there are in this world.

Karen said...

"We think and breathe in delphinium blue" - what a beautiful, sensory image in a poem of sensory images. Like Cat, I was struck by the incongruency of the syringe.

christopher said...

{{{Rachel}}} A compelling statement of three losses, the swallows for the season, the clean wilderness lost to the thoughtlessness of people who drop their trash, and the loss of souls to the addictions of those who discard their syringes, so lacking in care that they leave them in plain sight. They don't even care if they get caught it seems.


I'm watching tv.
This ad comes on, tells me Stop
littering! Shows a
Red Man in full dress
with a sweet tear in his eye,
wounded at the mess.

This won't stop me now
any more than what happened
when I dropped my rig
in that field running
from the dealer I ripped off.

Turned out, was shit dope.

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Lovely and sweet.........

Anonymous said...

Oh man oh man oh man...

Amazing. Positively amazing. Imagist stuff can be very enigmatic, but this one is so full of meaning... it's one of those glances where just a moment gives you enough information to understand everything you're experiencing through your five senses at once. I'm humbled and astonished. Absolutely perfect.

Faith said... always do this to me. Honestly take my breath away with your words...Oh to "breathe in delphinium blue" and mourn the swallows gone...

Yes, absolutely perfect.

Julie said...

I agree with everyone who has said this is amazing. Yes, the syringe is very powerful, especially coming after bog-moss. Fantastic work, Rachel. You knocked me out of my seat!


You have a new follower, Rachel. I like what you write and how you think and I like the name of your blog because I'm moon-whipped too! The moon keeps coming up in my stuff--always has and I suspect always will.


RachelW said...

Michelle, maybe sometimes we just aren't looking hard enough?

Rick, ooh! :)

Cat, sad, but it's the reality of the urban/wilderness fringe. And oh, yes I'd love to follow the swallows!

Karen, thank you!

Christopher, oh you are so right. Thank you for that interpretation, and for your poem, too.

Cherie, thanks :)

Joseph, you are flattering me! *blushes* I really am glad you like this one.

Faith, oh thank you, I' so glad you enjoyed it, too!

Julie, you are so kind! Thanks for your encouraging words.

Ranee, welcome, and thanks for building this bridge. I know I'm going to enjoy seeing your work, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am thinking this is so lovely, you. There is a sadness that kinda mellows out in my heart and that's a beautiful feeling.