Saturday, August 1, 2009

Late summer

stirs the wind
drawing a breath
quick long
lifting something within
some mysterious, forgotten
dropping it
just slightly out of line with
the pattern from which
it was etched
instilling unsettlement
and an obscure
restless itch

Rachel Westfall
August 1, 2009


Eric S. said...

A restless itch, so well defined. Beautiful words.

Rikkij said...

Rach- when you write, I imagine your arms long and slender painting the air in wind swept strokes. I think that means it's good. ~rick

nollyposh said...

i know that itch

Thanks for dropping by my bloggy Rachel...
~Love~ your idea about giving my dollz a heart <3

christopher said...

Late Afternoon

I could not write this
until your whisper touched me
so precisely on
my most tender skin
like a ray of sun on white
white winter's snowy
slope given sudden
transport into summer's last
long late afternoon.

Scarlet said...

The restless itch part stayed with me as well. Very nice and beautifully written.

Karen said...

This has beautiful visuals.

Catvibe said...

I feel I've been living in that itch for a very long time. I love this poem, it is a way of visualizing something completely untouchable, an inner landscape. Lovely.

Woman in a Window said...

It is just as rick says. You write the horizon. Beautiful.

Marie said...

Rachel, this poem is ethereal, just a breath
away from knowing, yet the feeling washes
over me. Well done.

RachelW said...

Eric, thank you for visiting, and commenting.

Rick, aahhh, I feel flattered by the poetry in your words! What a fun image you've painted.

Nolly, your dollies already have hearts! :-)

Christopher, now that is just beautiful. And it just is.

Scarlet, thank you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Karen, thanks :)

Cat, you and me both!

Erin, aahhh, you and Rick :)

Marie, thanks! I just checked out your new blog... lovely, sensual haiku. I shall enjoy following.

joaquin carvel said...

love this - something about the end of summer that seems to whisper that time is running out, that we need to do something - "an oscure and restless itch" is perfect.