Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Magnolia's delight

And how each blossom swells,
with anthers golden ripe
and heady, each wee lolly glistening
with home-grown treasure
elevated, high upon a filament,
each one a flagstaff as if borne
by triumphant faery queens.

And how each blossom curves,
ovary ripe and pendulous
suspended in a luxurious bed
of calyx, velvet petal sheets
draped around plump carpels,
limbs high in perfect anticipation
of the messenger’s most certain
arrival, mail-bags stuffed
and spilling over glorious golden pollen.

Rachel Westfall
August 4, 2009


Kyddryn said...


Shade and Sweetwater,

Catvibe said...

I love that, 'mailbags stuffed with pollen'!! That's one of my favorite sights, those little honeybees with stuffed pollen bags. I want to pet them.

Julie said...

So beautiful, Rachel! The magnolia is one of my favorites. I especially love your lines beginning with "ovary ripe and pendulous..." They are like velvet and so sweet. Thanks for a beautiful scent this afternoon. I love it!

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful and richly described...

christopher said...

Fresh Thick Cream

Such a heavy rich
flow like fresh thick cream across
my palate working
into the deep heart
of love bursting forth,
my display intended for
your eyes and savor,
to anchor the truth.

Rikkij said...

Rach- what a beautiful description. ovary ripe and pendulous. Never cared for them til now. ~rick

Michelle Johnson said...

mailbags stuffed and spilling over glorious golden pollen.

Your ending is perfect. I love it. Good night~

Mike-Mike said...

And how you blossom, too
Spilling over with glorious words
nurturing us with the pollen
in your heart and soul
a lovely treasure
you are...


lena said...

what a beautiful description, you can practically smell the flowers.. wonderfully done.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

This poem is just dripping with suggestive richness. So reminiscent of Whitman in matter and language. Fantastic work, Rachel

BloggerMouth said...

It is beautiful to see that you appreciate the beauty of a flower so much when compared to some others who would pass by without even a second look. Splendid poetry.

Karen said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I love the use of "And" to begin the thoughts and the feeling of ripeness and fullness contained within the whole.


Sensual botany indeed!I can taste your words--they melt in my mouth in a burst of vision!


Woman in a Window said...

A sensual delight.
Geez, and I've never even happened upon a Magnolia. Sure would like to now.

Moanerplicity said...

I LOVE your language. Your work is truly LYRICAL is the best possible way. Sometimes you send me to the nearest thesaurus, but the journey to the meaning is always worthwhile.