Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yahoo spotting

It was a glorious summer’s day
so quiet in the sand
the strip of forest filled with birds
and berries o’er the land.

We wove our way through piney groves
filling our buckets high
with ripe delicious treasure fruits
to keep til winter’s nigh.

It may seem strange, but here I know
wild Yahoos do abound
they roam at night, lay low by day
with hangovers that pound.

So quiet in the desert sand
it did make sense to reason,
I thought we’d surely never spot
rare Yahoos out of season.

Lo and behold, then I did sight
some droppings piled quite high
the tin encasements sure-fire sign
that Yahoos had been by!

For droppings to be piled just so
the Yahoos must be rutting
so we got out, quick as we could
before they came back, strutting.

Rachel Westfall
August 15, 20009


devilsivy said...

We have them here too -- I saw some of their clawmarks in trees and on stones at 10,000 feet!

RachelW said...

Aha! I'll bet they overwinter in NM, and come up here for the summer!

Woman in a Window said...

At least they weren't laying there futting...

Those durned yahoos!

Rikkij said...

Rach-down here, we get the species that shits McDonald's wrappers and Blue Busch cans. A peculiar species, indeed. ~rick

Kit said...

LOL! We have yahoos down here, too. :)


Sightings everywhere. I've seen those claw-marks too, Devilsivy!

Not so rare, then. Not endangered and nowhere near extinction. Just laying "low by day/ with hangovers that pound."

I love what you've done here, Rachel. The craftiness (and craft) with which the almost-clinical sightseer's perspective sets off the contrast between the "strip of forest" with the "ripe delicious treasure fruits" and those "rutting," "strutting" yahoos with their tin-encased "droppings" is fantastic.

christopher said...

Wasn't me!

Poetikat said...

This is great, Rachel! It puts me in mind of Robert Service, fittingly. It's fun once in a while just to do it for a lark, isn't it?


Michelle Johnson said...

I've spotted these Yahoos around KY many times. Great writing. Have a wonderful night.

joaquin carvel said...

this brings a smile - & a wince. i've been that yahoo. but thankfully there is (or can be) a peculiar kind of molting - but apparantly not all yahoos experience it.

Rob-bear said...

Love the thoughts done so poetically. And, yes, we have yahoos here, but I haven't seen any recently (thanks goodness!).

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to comment, so I hope this works...

A wonderful description of Yahoos! If you have any tips for getting rid of the more rambunctious ones, please let me know, they've occupied my local park...

RachelW said...

Erin: futting! Haha! You've just expanded my vocabulary.

Rick, egh, fast-food yahoos. It sounds like you have the common yellow-backed variety in your parts. Ours are the red-necked variety, heavy on the beer and firearms, not so heavy on the packaged burgers.

Kit, ugh.

PPVF, thanks, I appreciate your kind words! :)

Christopher, I never woulda thunk so! :-)

Kat, I thought of Robert Service, too... funny. Yeah, it is fun to do once in a while, and you're a pro!

Michelle, ugh, they seem to be everywhere. :(

Joaquin, teehee! So there is hope! :)

Rob, maybe yours are all up here for the summer?

Joseph, Muzak is a proven deterrent. Let me know if it works for you, ok?