Monday, September 14, 2009

The end of desire

Sing into the wind
a raucous chorus
just you and the crows
your tangled voices a dance
vibrating over,
spinning under low hillock
and rattlesnake meadow,
sweeping up
the sun-hot scent of sage
brushed loose, startled
into dew-soaked night

Sing to the end of desire
harsh call, the shrill cry of hawk
keening for one
sought here in the deep black land
of desert’s sunless chill,
rolled warm
and beloved in grandmother’s
rough wool blanket
patterned copper-earth
with subtle dyes
of desert plants, found here
under this veil of stars,
your song the thrill
of a kiss
and remembered

Rachel Westfall
September 14, 2009


Julie said...

Oh, my! The music in this poem just rolls through my soul. There are so many fantastic lines and images. I love how it's the "end of desire," but the poem ends with the word "remembered." What a great juxtaposition. Awesome work, Rachel. I love it so much.

RachelW said...

Oh Julie, thank you!! :) I see it not as desire ending, but desire reaching some culmination, some sort of climax as it finds its farthest reach.

Karen said...

I always enjoy your poetry, but this one is so beautiful, I think it's my favorite ever. "Sing to the end of desire" -- oh, I'm glad you said that. Beautiful.

Woman in a Window said...

this is what i take
but smooth and flowing, never ceasing
it's kinda comforting
but my mind rejects desire ending.
So too, my heart.

christopher said...

Google ate my poem. I have no more time. I love this poem Rachel. I love this poem too, Erin.

When two on display
capture my heart, how could I
choose only this one?

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

So earthy and mystical - fashioned with such textures and color.

and oh, that familiar call...

your song the thrill
of a kiss
and remembered

SarahA said...

This is truely beaautiful; you. So beautiful.