Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For Joseph Harker

This is for Joseph, in honour of his birthday. If you don't know Joseph's work yet, well you should. Please stop on by and check him out. He's brilliant.

I would see you, all made up of words
drawn on the wall of the subway, a sketch
flickering by in the fluorescent wave
of a passing train. I would see you there,
a glimmer of face pale-moon, lost in thought,
an echo of my thin-wild shadow.
I would see you, and know the sudden touch
of your mind, a scorching point in the blur
of tags and tile, of bodies rank with stress
and press and hurry, the endless hurry
to be home.

Rachel Westfall
September 30, 2009


Karen said...

I've only recently become acquainted with Joseph. This is a beautiful birthday tribute to him, Rach.

Rikkij said...

Rach- beautiful tribute. He sounds like a seeker. Love the image in my mind of the train passing. I'll have to discover him, soon. ~rick

joaquin carvel said...

great gift - love how you create such an energy and reach out from the center of it.

Anonymous said...

Aw. Absolutely beautiful... I couldn't ask for a better gift. :) *hugs* and many thanks!!

RachelW said...

Joseph, you're welcome, and hugs back! I've been wanting to share a link to your place for a while now.

jozien said...

I gotta go to bed. And for Joseph, i check him out later. Hurry, hurry :)
But i love your poem, that sudden recognition, where in a moment everything comes to a still point in the midst of live spinning. yes?

colleen said...

I almost saw him there. I did hear the subway whiz by.