Saturday, September 26, 2009


This gift is a secret

It cannot be eroded
or corroded

It has no words
but just a feeling
of the heart

It smells of the relentless wind
the hollow breath of moors
and forgotten marshlands

It feels like the great arms
of the sea, that turquoise mother
who gives and takes
with the same love,
the same stroke

Rachel Westfall
September 26, 2009


Anonymous said...

I really like your description of the sea as a 'turquoise mother'. It rang wonderfully.

And having read your poem a second time, I think I like it all very much.

Thanks for a good read.

Catvibe said...

And with those offerings, peace wraps my heart and holds me close. Lovely. And lovely poem on my blog too! I'm posting it now.

RachelW said...

Feelkin, welcome! :) It's great to meet another poetry blogger.

Cat, thanks! Happy birthday to you!

Karen said...

I'm identifying with this one very much, Rachel.

christopher said...

Thief Of Secrets

If I stole secrets
anymore I would steal yours
and leave behind small
round pebbles in trade
hoping you would accept them
as someone's good gift.
I would not admit
to you I took your secrets
even though I weep.

Ghost Dansing said...

like a hurricane.....

Rikkij said...

Rach-I like how you leave it to us to be whatever we want. I've made the claim but won't tell. Nice gift! ~rick

Julie said...

And your poem is a gift to us, Rachel. I hope that doesn't sound too cheesy to say, because it's sincere. I appreciate a beautiful poem when I read it. It is a gift to me, the reader.

The third stanza really hit home for me. The hollow breath of moors and forgotten marshland is excellent. I like that the marshland is forgotten in the poem. It feels undisturbed by humans. I love that the gift smells like the wind, the marsh, and the sea. Beautiful.

Char said...

Ahhh, beautiful..just beautiful!

RachelW said...

Karen, :-) I am glad.

Christopher, this one, I feel compelled to answer. Shortly.

Ghost, it's good to see you haunting these parts again. I've missed your insightful gifts.

Rick, cool! Thanks!

Julie, I'm so glad you like that bit. It's my favourite part, too.

Char, thank you!

Woman in a Window said...

Love the turquoise mother. She becomes real right there in those few words and I feel or see her arms rise up. Beautiful. A little chilling that her arms give and take in the same movement but so it is with life.