Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You think you can watch her, benevolent
as she lies splayed out across
the snow bank watching
streams of green
ribbon over
the sky.
You think the moment is all zen.
You imagine the air freezing to crystals
fills her hair with ice beauty
shards of glass all tangled
with eyelash
white on black.
You think she waits to breathe in magic,
the wonder of the night, so
blind to her reluctance
unaware of her delay
to step inside
the house
and face
that man, drunk and heavy-fisted
red-faced with jealous whisky
wasted body roaring
for a brawl.
Rachel Westfall
October 4, 2009

Yes, Christopher inspired this one, too.


Fat Arse said...


Yet again I am awestruck by the power of your words and the imagery they evoke - masterful, simply masterful.

Fireblossom said...


I love the sense of ambiguous waiting...

jozien said...

Rachel! :D
The moment is all Zen.
Yet we all have our demons, that we step into, blind, reluctant or unaware. By choice? Even if we don't know why, or how.

christopher said...

The First Drink

You can't believe it
how I hurt, it's so insane
and how the drink is
how it soothes me then
turns on me but there's nothing
in this damn old world
can touch me like that
I have no choice, none at all
but that first drink, God!

Karen said...

Sometimes it's just too real.

Anonymous said...

Your images are striking. I am liking this, you; muchly.

Marie said...

Most excellent. The prose is exquisite as is the
picture your words illustrate. The end of the
beauty shown so eloquently.