Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I would take your pain,
hold it like an egg until
it warms in my hands,
turning it over
every few hours
until it hatches. A soft
yellow chick would tap
through, and with my thumbs
I’d gently widen the rent
in the shell to set
this new life free. Free,
I would hear you sigh,
nerves finally eased
with the release of this long,
low sweet gestation.

Rachel Westfall
October 27, 2009

For Christopher


Char said...

All I can say is...WOW!

Fat Arse said...

As always, the visit here is cathartic. Placing, as usual, the more important, meaningful things in perspective ... thanks!

Poetikat said...

This is beautiful! I looked up "curandera" because it is an entirely new word to me (now stored in my mental filing cabinet).

The egg imagery is so unusual and yet so apt.

You have a remarkable gift for seeing things in a rare way.

Karen said...

Rachel - You have a way of creating a whole world with your words. I can see and feel this. Beautiful.

christopher said...

In The Thrall Of Pain

In the heat of it
I sweat and steam, awash with
dark strong firelight
and close knit wicker
walls curving, center the hole
through which smoke escapes
and my soul flies too
away from your fearful demands
that I rise from death.

Mama Zen said...

This is lovely!

Fireblossom said...

Love it. Now it's ME who has to go look up "curandera"!

PS--yesterday I posted about my award. Thanks again!

Scott Ennis said...

Great job of drawing out the metaphor. I have to get more caught up on your posts now that I am no longer homeless. :)

audrey said...


Cynthia said...

Oh Rachel, this is the sweetest, gentlest
thought/desire. I wish someone would do
just this for me. Ahhhh...the relief.

Thank you again for the award.

Anonymous said...

i like the idea.. and the way you carried it out..