Saturday, October 10, 2009

What you said

I wrote this in one of those conversations with Christopher, then somehow missed it in the queue. So here it is now.

What you said

There was nothing but silence
even echoes muffled, buried
under threat of avalanche
though I screamed and raged,
stomped my feet, needing to know
Why, Why? Until

softly at first
just a gurgle trapped
under winter’s glaciation
you whispered

then spoke

a shout breaking through, a roar
shimmering a thousand mirrors
of pale sunlight, kissing
earth’s hope of spring.

How I loved you then.

Rachel Westfall
September 27, 2009


christopher said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice. You guys do such great inspiration for each other. :)

Julie said...

Oh, how beautiful! I can feel the silence, then the screaming and raging in the first stanza. How excellent that you compare it to the threat of an avalanche. Then it transitions into that beautiful second stanza and the resolution that comes in the final stanzas of the poem. Excellent! I love the title, too.

Karen said...

This is beautiful in the movement and transition from threat of avalanche to the breaking through. Beautiful image: "shimmering a thousand mirrors/ of pale sunlight."

Rikkij said...

Rach- how interesting that the sound is muffled merely by the threat. And how interesting his comment back. hm ~rick

Catvibe said...

Your imagery is stunning! I can feel the winter in this.

holly said...

"a roar/shimmering a thousand mirrors/of pale sunlight" wow...those lines really resonate