Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tantalizing haiku

Glory of the night!
New moon hides in winter’s shroud
Frigid, lacy scales

How can I resist the temptation of 3 little lines, a mere 17 syllables? We're all on the mend; the flu is nothing against my precious stockpile of medicinal herbs and potions. Bit by bit, I'm finding my way back to the computer. I hope to visit my blogging friends again shortly.


Linda S. Socha said...

Wonderful!!! Love the Frigid, Lacy scales!

Ardi K said...

haiku of the soul
words can only partly tell
what the poet feels

christopher said...

snot gets in the way
of soulful movement into
the way of winter

RachelW said...

Haha! Ardi, Christopher, thank you. Your haikus are such a gift! :)

Poetikat said...

I know, Rachel! Haiku IS irresistible. This is a delightful, rather haunting one.

Rikkij said...

Sorry bout the sickness, Rach-Love Yukon Haiku's the best. ~rick

Anonymous said...

A toast to your health:
unearth more of these haiku,
explore this country!

Karen said...

So glad you're feeling better! This is a beautiful haiku.

BloggerMouth said...

Wonderful. Couldn't have gotten better even if you had tried.

Marie said...

Dear Rachel,

An elegant haiku, this one.