Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday sillies

What better way is there to celebrate a wintery Saturday morning, than writing silly poems with the kids? These were inspired by Dennis Lee, and the kids and I came up with them together. We'd love to see your silly rhythmic rhyming creations, so please share them in the comments!

I went to play in the snow
I saw someone I didn’t know
He climbed up a tree
Then he said, Tee hee
Then he started to chuckle, Hoho!

I went to play in the yard
The dog was starting to guard
She growled and she barked
At the sleigh badly parked
On my rooftop, stuck really hard
The fellow was starting to yelp
He started to yelp for help
I did what I could
With my ladder of wood
While he stood there, munching on kelp!
After the sled was freed
I went to the man who was treed
A nut came down
On the head of the clown
From a squirrel, who wanted to feed.
I went to play on the roof
With a horse with a tender hoof
He had to eat hay
And couldn’t pull a sleigh
But he was a wonderful goof.
I’m running out of ideas
If you have any more, I’m all ears
Just type them below
(don’t slip on the snow)
And later, we’ll laugh over beers!


sawan said...

yeyy its nice!!! m sure it ws fun writing this :) hwz kids?? all set for christmas??

BloggerMouth said...

This is cute, simply put! It's pretty amazing what children can come up with sometimes. I am not going to write any rhymes here. It is 5 am and it is Monday and I'm at work. My brain is fried.

Rob-bear said...

My brain's fried too. But the images were fun to consider.

Karen said...

I learned to love poetry from my father, who recited both serious and silly poetry all the time. He often took serious poems and turned them silly for our listening pleasure! This is a great gift to give your children, the love of language and a sense of play.

joaquin carvel said...

i can't seem to get in the spirit
there's music, it's just i can't hear it
above all my cussing
and growling and fussing
from freezing and yanking and losing this fight
to a huge hopeless tangle of holiday lights.

(kids make the best poems, but that never stops me from trying.)

RachelW said...

Oh Joaquin, it's the effort that counts! The kids provide the excitement, and we just bumble along and try to make it work for them... :)

Thanks, all of you!