Sunday, December 27, 2009


I knew you then, caught in hot amber light,
pierced in a fixed position
your look of alarm like that
of a butterfly captive. I knew

that shifty look, remembered myself in it -
the slink-away feeling where you hope
to move just slowly enough to evade attention,
and just fast enough to get away. You’d never

lie to me, you said, fingers crossed
and crossed again to hide
the stink of that lie, shaking thick, dark bangs
over mournful eyes to hide

their certain betrayal, their helpless,
voiceless truth.

What taste was on your tongue?

Rachel Westfall
December 27, 2009


Fireblossom said...

This is instantly one of my favorites of yours, Rachel. Like floating in and out of a charged moment.

Liz said...

Rachel, this one really hit home for me! I feel as though I have been in these words quite often!

Rikkij said...

Rach- Sweetness. Maybe that's what dreams and hope taste of; not meaning to become lie. Beautiful pondering. ~rick

Karen said...

Those bangs got me. You always find just the right details to make your poetry real, and I hated his double-crossing crossed fingers. This is an experience I think we can all relate. :-(

RachelW said...

You know, I saw myself in this more than anything. I was a really quiet kid, and when I started learning to speak up as a teenager, I learned quickly that adults preferred me quiet. They didn't like or accept the juvenile things that came out of my mouth. I developed a habit of sneaking around with a perpetual feeling of guilt. That feeling still comes back, from time to time.

namingconstellations said...

Oh, teenage years. So much more full of emotion and depth than anyone wants to admit. (But I think you point it out nicely.)

catvibe said...

This sings of youth. I remember... Lovely Rachel.

RachelW said...

Joseph, you're right. Emo years. :)
Cat, yeah... good thing it all gets better as we get older, isn't it?