Saturday, February 13, 2010

love letter to haiku

If you could say just five words to me,
what would they be? Would you remind me fondly of
the chickadee’s lazy morning song?

In seven words, just seven, would you tell me how
in deep forgotten glades
wind traces its secrets in skeletal leaves?

With five words left to you, a slow exhale
would you spell the mountain’s sacred path in stone,
to help me find the way?

Rachel Westfall
February 13, 2010


christopher said...

I have said it before and say it again :) You make it so easy to do this.

What I Would Do

I would reach far out
beyond the wrap of matter
into the quaking
gap of almost not
ever here again to try
to tell you the truth.

I would spin within
the celestial dream of time,
spin on the point blank
sweep of light, of light
that plays your face in shadow
and in hues of love.

I would hold with you,
keep the faith with you and yours,
leave nearby my heart.

jozien said...

Rachel :) good to see you.
And with such beautiful words. I know as always, but this is one again that makes me gasp.

BloggerMouth said...

Poetic architecture. So much technique, so much intensity! I can't write a haiku save my life but look at you! Respect, Rachel.

Linda S. Socha said...

Passionately beautiful Rachel

namingconstellations said...

Splendid! I think you can expect all of the above... love the second stanza especially.

Karen said...

I love this one, too, Rach.

I thought I commented already! I guess Blogger is getting his belly full!

Lauren the Writer said...

This poem's format is so creative! A stanza for each line of the haiku.

The part, "a slow exhale" is wonderful because that's what I think of a haiku as, especially its final line.

utopianfragments said...

gonna read some more..

Catvibe said...

You are the bird's song
The wind joins in rustled leaf rhythms
Mountain, tall and still, watches

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

This is a gem, really. I like that unique idea of a love letter to Haiku.

Favorite lines...splendid.

" deep forgotten glades
wind traces its secrets in skeletal leaves?"

sabrina said...

your writing is wonderful

Ronald Rabenold said...

Thank you for your words. I can feel the images. Reslpendent.

RachelW said...

I have been a very bad blogger. I have been neglecting my blog, and your comments. I'm sorry. :(

Christopher, what you have written is such a beautiful love poem. I feel honoured to have it on my blog.

It is good to see all of you here. Old friends and new.

Cynthia said...

hi rachel, your poem is a beauty. ehtereal.
the 2nd verse in particular is a quiet

when you have a chance please visist poemflesh2.
I think you will enjoy the interview. thankyou.