Sunday, March 14, 2010

As you hunted me

And another Christopher poem; the whole conversation is here.

As you hunted me

There would be snakes, but for the goats
who have eaten the grass, trudging
all dreaded-wool and ankle-bone
over the smooth, soft hill until
each blade is gnawed to the ground.

There would be snakes, if they had
anywhere left to hide, snakes to shelter me
from your pursuit, slivered arrows
pointed sharp at your heels, but instead
there is nobody here
but these silly, useless goats.

Rachel Westfall
March 10, 2010


Elisabeth said...

A terrific poem here, Rachel, and amusing. I enjoy eavesdropping on your conversation with Christopher.

Karen said...

I think you and Christopher should joint-publish these in conversation order.

christopher said...

:D She'd kill me, fry me up in little strips, feed me to the snakes.

namingconstellations said...

Keep it going! Keep it going!

BloggerMouth said...

Amazing. Hilarious, even in parts! I do love the way you write and this new style of conversation poetry is well, new to me! And I love it!

Liza said...

Wonderful piece, and the title is