Friday, March 12, 2010

For Petals

Spring’s gold shadows stretch
yet winter still claims its prize
farewell, soft bunny

Miss Petals was the last of our bunnies. I found her yesterday morning, lying behind the guinea pig's cage. She had died in the night, peacefully. I think she was around 6 years old; she had lived with us for 4 years. We will have to wait until the ground thaws before we can make a grave for her.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Good longevity for Bunny...

Beautiful Haiku-- true to meant subject matter and form, and ALL the emotion of personality...

Slainte, Miss Petals

Kyddryn said...

I'm sorry, soul-sis...hugs to you and yours...

Shade and Sweetwater

Karen said...

So sorry about the bunny. That's like losing a family member. :-(

christopher said...


Thin tendrils of soul
like smoke, rising above you
in your grief, matching
the final rising
of life force from the small one
left behind the cage,
a departure's shade,
a fading found in the heat
and in the day's light.

Woman in a Window said...

Rachel, I recognize how you phrase this, she lived with us. You don't claim ownership, but companionship. I like this in you. I'm sorry for the pain of the loss. These animals are family.


Cynthia said...

oh, so sorry. She's such a unique beauty.

Mohamed Mughal said...

Thoughtful poem; prayers for Miss Petals.