Thursday, March 11, 2010

Siren's song

Another Christopher poem. As promised. The full poetic conversation is here.

Siren's song

I’m so stuck here now.
Dreaming of kissing
your beloved face in
a fishbowl room
while all your raucous friends
look in from the summer yard
and jeer,
Who’ve you got there now, man?
Anyway, where did my shirt go?
I feel so exposed. If only
I hadn’t listened
to your confusing siren’s song.

Rachel Westfall
March 10, 2010


christopher said...

I can't help writing to your work. It's like good psilocybin to me. Heh.

Annie said...

It's like a little story; a fun, genuine glimpse of a time and a feeling.

namingconstellations said...

You guys do such fabulous collaboration. I am tres jealous. ^_^

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Get out in that yard, shirt or no...

Ronald Rabenold said...

I love your creative synergies...And I love using 'sneer' and 'jeer' in my poems..In fact my last poem I posted uses 'knowing sneers'...Thank you...Keep writing...I'll be back...

jozien said...

You two, i love it! you both are so good.
And can i be one of the raucous friends, yeh! ?