Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Okay, there are a few more poems coming from conversation with Christopher. If you like, you can read the whole conversation at his place, since there is nothing worse than hearing only one side of the discussion. Meanwhile, I'll post my parts of the conversation here, one by one.


Adventurous tourist
I headed into the tall grass-
bare ankles shrouded
in the full rayon skirt
local decorum required,
camera ready
to capture an image
of the largest bloody spider
I’d ever seen-
when a man called out,

HEY, watch for snakes!

Rachel Westfall
March 9, 2010


Annie said...

A fun, spontaneous collaboration, resulting in independent poems! I love the momentum, and entertaining twist of this one.

RachelW said...

Thanks, Annie! This actually happened to me, in Zanzibar. The things you don't know when exploring a new country!