Saturday, March 13, 2010

This place of goats

And another, from the poetry dual (duo?) with Christopher:

This place of goats

Only a madman would slaughter the goats,
see the wild look in their eyes
and yet still draw knife across hide.
We all know, in this village,
that the feral goats and slick-tongued snakes
are each but fractured visions
of Goddess, each black and red and white
bleating-scaled-slithering-nibbling beast
a fragment of divinity, that one celestial mind
which holds up this age-old hill.

Rachel Westfall
March 11, 2010


christopher said...

The Blessing In The Wind

On this goat grazed hill
I stand in the holy wind
that twists past your salt,
past the oracle
at the top, past the grotto
where the priestess kneels
to gather her breath.
I take you all into me,
a symphony's scent.
Even the goats kneel
in this wind driven moment
on this thrice blessed hill.

Woman in a Window said...

Very old, indeed, the spirit of goats. I was surprised to see them referred to in female form. My instinct is to think of them as male, but this is an older form of belief, I think, where all is from woman/goddess?


christopher said...

Hmmm. I think goats were first in domestication. I think this is because they are nomadic by nature. Goats supply milk and meat too. I think of them as both female and male. I am pretty sure that I read this within the last few years on some science site, that goats are thought of by paleontologists as nomadic partners to early humans as they left Asia Minor headed into Europe. On the other hand, yes, connecting goats with goddess is very old.

Fireblossom said...

I must have missed something, but anyway...

I can't bear for any animal to be in distress, it makes me very upset. Indeed, every life is an expression of the Goddess.