Sunday, May 9, 2010

When I invite you out

Inspired by Christopher

When I invite you out,
you shake your head, overwhelmed
by the dusty piles
in the corner of every room,
the heaps of laundry
strung without malice
over hapless random furniture.

The cat stalks through
in his element here
leaving mysterious urine stains,
an abstract sensory design
among the cast-off sheets.

When I invite you out, I hope
to break the cobweb nest
that binds perniciously, corners
rough to navigate, the toilet
drowning a slow SOS
lost in its own heady stink.
You shake your head,
overwhelmed, quite simply
unable to clear the fog.

Rachel Westfall
May 7, 2010


jozien said...

Rachel! i just left you a nice long comment. But i think i lifted one cobweb, i seemed to get stuck in lately. When i am not signed in my comment is erased. ??

christopher said...

Playing In Traffic

Dancing down the fog
line, playing in large traffic,
the tractors, trailers
that zoom past your house
on the Interstate - I've climbed
through the fence to reach
these fascinations.

The big rigs pile air in front
and vacuum up dust
behind as they roar
so near my tangled head games,
my sad heart's demand.

Fireblossom said...

Mercy. Too late for a feather duster.