Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Elven haiku

Winding through night’s path
silver thread, thin, hung with dew
ancient song's refrain

Rachel Westfall
June 1, 2010

And why should elves not have haiku?


christopher said...

Rachel, it is not possible for me to refrain when I come here or you to me.

Elvish Tea

Take the Elvish tea,
and set it side by side with
a steaming jade cup
of Japanese Zen.

Note the silver Elven glow
from the tiny cup
made from starry dust
formed and fired from fairy heat,
the liguid jewel
in alabaster.

I will leave the tasting test
in your loving hands,
but wish with great care.

RachelW said...

Thank you, Christopher. Even when life is insanely busy and I've lost track of time, there you are, patiently making the tea.

Rob-bear said...

Elves should have haiku. So should Bears.

Your haiku is truly beautiful. Mine is non-existent.

joaquin carvel said...

i agree - elves should have haiku. but so should trolls.

we are not pretty,
but don't be fooled; we were just
protecting our bridge.


RachelW said...

Haha! Troll haiku; I love it! :)