Sunday, August 8, 2010


When you march through the mud
in your golden shoes,
then tear them off
smeared, tossed
like spoiled treasure
onto the rich green,
emerald grass
When you run, toes splayed
into the river where
speckled fish breeze by
startled into trembling quake
by the rough tremor
as you break the thin membrane
of the sun-warmed,
sun-kissed shallows
When you find hidden thorns
in the berry jumble,
pierced thumb sharing blood
with the sweet ripe reds
swelling bees, fuzzy hum
curiously taste
your slow, fresh laughing presence
Rachel Westfall
August 8, 2010


Fireblossom said...

Ha! Boys. I raised one myself. They just have that energy, bursting out towards the world.

christopher said...

I take it summer rain is like a boy. That is not bad at all, my friend.

The Bears And I

The berry thicket
calls the brown bear, the black bear
and calls to me too
as the thunder claps
and the clouds climb to the edge
of the thick thick air.
Soon we will wonder
if the gully will flash with
muddy wet torrents
or will we still eat
ripe bright red stormy berries
without disturbance?

jozien said...

glad to see you Rachel and with such a lovely poem, which speaks very much to me, it's me, Maybe the boy in me, but very much me.

Rob-bear said...

The Bear is me sees all this and thinks, "Ah, the glory of summer!" Berries — a feast of getting ready for winter. Water with sparkling fish skittering amongst the rocks — still a bit small to eat.

But what are "shoes"?

RachelW said...

I'm amazed you are all seeing boyness in this! That's pretty cool! When I wrote it, my mind was all on the feminine (my daughter is like this).

Christopher, thank you for sharing this lovely bear poem. We do seem to have a bear theme going around here lately!

RachelW said...

Oh! And as for bears, my daughter is, of course, the 'little bear'. xo :)

Rick said...

what a beautiful description of life. room for another?

Liza said...

This is a wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing.

Kat Mortensen said...

This was just beautiful, Rachel! I love the images and the palpable connection between you and the subject. I think my favourite was the pierced-blood thumb with the berries. Lovely work! (I'm following again - I so need reminders to keep me on track!)


Leonie Lemphers said...

Hey Rachel, that was beautiful. I could almost feel the summer sun and it so reminded my of berry picking when I was a kid and all that red juiciness. I think sometimes there were days more almost went in my mouth than in the bucket... :)

Moanerplicity said...

This was one of those FELT poems... in that it was quite lovely and very visual.

Nice work, Rachel.

One Love.


Anonymous said...

Here a bit belatedly to say what others have said, but... this is lovely. Every line draws you in and makes you wish for it.

Woman in a Window said...

It is refreshing to come back here. It is like going back into the forest after being absent a very long time.

Yes, I got boy from it as well, but it is both my son and daughter, and at times myself.