Monday, September 6, 2010

Goblin dreams

Goblin dreams are green, of course,
and sometimes earthen red.
They scatter crude as folly, each
a lively joke, prodded along
its crude night path
with the sharp end of a stick.
When goblins wake, they rub their eyes
like you and me, those gruesome eyes
of pebble coal, sockets inflamed and raw
and they recall the depth of dream
as light as moth, antennae searching
with perfectly dissected fuzz,
brutality a daytime waking glimmer
hummed away by goblin thoughts
of wicked sleep to come.
Rachel Westfall
September 6, 2010


christopher said...

Rachel! This one shows you as captain of your vessel. You know I love the way your heart works.

Goblin Secrets

The goblin named Shem
tugged on my shirt the other
day, told me secrets
he had been keeping
longer than my current life,
but if I told you
I'd have to kill you
with special sacred hooked tools
made for this purpose
by ancient goblin
smiths trained up by Hephaestus
who made Pandora.
They guard her treasure

RachelW said...

Ah Christopher, who else could I have a poetic goblin conversation with?

Goblins clog my halls
chittering their secret plans
'til I sweep them out

swatinair said...

Please write more awesome fantasy stuff! If there's a deeper meaning to this, I haven't grasped it. I blame fantasy authors (read: Tolkien) that make me read and re-read their stuff six times.

Leonie Lemphers said...

Hi Rachel, this is delightful. Thank-you. I love the way you humanize them and yet make them individual still with just a tad of mystery.

Rob-bear said...

Bears dream,
lying in alpine meadows
or on forest floors,
of summer delights —
fresh air,
gurgling rivers,
fresh salmon,
an array of nuts and berries,
and chatty squirrels.

The awaken to sunny warmth
or the hint of something tasty
swirling about their snouts.

yawning —
they repeat the search
for winter preparation.

emptygarden said...

I really like this!

RachelW said...

Ahh, thanks for your comments, and Rob-Bear, for the bear visitation! Wonderful!