Sunday, October 10, 2010

Your ugly truth

You told me of love
and of blind regret as you swung
the axe deep
into my heartwood core
stirring clouds of summer dust
and moths, rising groggily
blinking away the tattered shreds
of their precious noonday sleep.
Only I saw you place
a kiss
on the perfectly honed tip
of the iron blade before
you swung, betraying
your ugly truth
your harsh allegiance
to the ravenous spark
of the fire mage.
Rachel Westfall
October 10, 2010


christopher said...

The Consequences Of Self Will

I've become trashy
since I put down that cold axe.
I find I want trash
books, fast food. I've quit
work, want to be left alone.
I've left the axe out
in the fall weather
to rust in the rain and mud
broken, abandoned.

I am not right now,
twisted by my thoughts, twisted
at what I once was,
looking at the scars
and ashes where life burned out
and you I could not

jozien said...

Hey you two, sheela-na-gig and green man, what's up?

christopher said...

Just some poetic license :D

RachelW said...

We are playing with words, Jozien!

Christopher, I've been running this one through my mind. I have a few ideas; I'm not sure if they will come to fruition. Let's see.

RachelW said...

Okay, something came to me. It wasn't like any of my initial ideas, but there it is.