Friday, January 28, 2011

Cold snap

Lupine jaws
with a flick of spit, a frothy comma
running shallow
as a laugh along your spine,
hackles raised into
a sacred crown of splintered frost

Rachel Westfall
January 27, 2011


Kat Mortensen said...

Hey Rachel! Love the opening line and the play-on-words title too.
The last line is the kicker though. Really well done!


Miss Sadie said...

Coyote's back.

The shadow is laughing along the back of the Coyote who's back.

I can see him, but I'm not going to play with him. Way too dangerous. Still.

Joseph said...

Ooh, that "frothy comma" stands out particularly well. Great image here, a perfectly detailed outline to be filled by the reader.

christopher said...

At The Rest Stop

Am I a flower
or a wolf, I muse, as you
declare me lupine.

The Cisalpine slopes
were once my favored flavor
but I fear they're lost,
for I now am pent
if not up, still trapped within
my defrocked carriage.

So flower or wolf?
But I would not ask you this.
It is not seemly.