Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Still in bed on a January morning

And then the sun comes out
a pale winter surprise kicking small dust-moths
into a startled flutter
And the pale yellow light
is open-souled as your ruffled head
on my pillow
And I’m drunk and lost
in the enchanted smell of your sleep
Rachel Westfall
January 4, 2010


Anthony Duce said...

Such a wonderful way to begin a morning. Love your words.

christopher said...

Talking To The Goddess

For the love of Her
I have taken this moment
and ensouled our song
of love as I see
the truth of all the far sky
as if you could fly
just like that instead
of shifting shape as we must.

You a bright birdsong,
me a raven's call,
we wing our way to heaven,
whisper in Her ear.

Rick said...

I love the quiet of these words

Miss Sadie said...

Rob-bear is still in bed, too. For Bears it's called hibernating (or hi-bear-nating).

Happy New Year from both of us! (I'd do it poetically, but that's Bear's thing, not mine; all I write is doggerel, which is fitting, for a Dog).

RachelW said...

That's just gorgeous, Christopher.

And it's lovely hearing from the rest of you, too!

Miss Sadie, give Rob-Bear a cheerful snuffle, okay?

Anonymous said...

I know this is a bit belated, but... have you stirred yet? :)

RachelW said...

Sadly, yes. It's round -40C here right now, and staying in bed would be such a treat!

Miss Sadie said...

It's only -21C here, in the mid-afternoon.

The "joys" of Canada in the winter.

RachelW said...

Miss Sadie, my dogs and cats are very happy to be beside the woodstove! This kind of cold helps us to appreciate material comforts, like having a warm, dry house.

Woman in a Window said...

Church of the pillows, communion of the morning light. Beautiful writing Rachel. I've missed your soft pen.


Noelle said...

I love that last stanza!

Anonymous said...

"And I’m drunk and lost
in the enchanted smell of your sleep" that is an amazing line...I LOVE it!