Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When I run my cool hands under your layers
seeking your chest, strong and warm
then onto your shoulders, their familiar
curve drawing heat down through me, searching
for your tongue roughly with my mouth

it is to call you MINE without words
and with complete trust, to fall into abandon:
this is what love is

by talk of freedom, whores and 'men have needs'
cheap trash talk, fast-food sex so rancid
my mouth burns sour
and I'd spit those words right back at you
if I could

Rachel Westfall

March 9, 2011


Miss Sadie said...

That is so beautiful. Tough, too, but beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dang... raw and electric. The idea of "fast-food sex" says so much, a brilliant phrase.

christopher said...

Wow. I gotta think about this one...


I must say, I love you for it. Strong women just don't scare me.

christopher said...

I Have Needs

Men have needs, have needs!

I have to reach toward God
and climb on up His
Holy robes as if
I could reach the Holy Ghost,
catch the Holy Goose
and attend the Feast
of Saint Albumen the White.

That's when she said, Stop!
You are fucking nuts!
That's when I said, Men have needs!
and she turned me down.

Scott Ennis said...

I'm in awe yet again at your beauty and strength in this poetic craft!

Heaven said...

I love this one too~

Specially the last 5 lines

He ment well (sometimes did) said...

This is soft and soothing,worm. comfort then blunt. I hope this does not offend, my brain does strange things some times. The filter turned off and this hucksters rendition went from me to here.

Drive thru tail for sale
Drive through tale 4 sail
Sail through a drive thru for
Drive through