Sunday, March 6, 2011

Manipulation over a crust of bread

A seam torn open, soft jelly exposed
to the sweet licking of ants,
the barbed beaks of scavengers.

No hearts for the ones left grinning,
for the beaks, for the scavengers,
only the jelly, the sweet soft jelly torn open.

Rachel Westfall
March 6, 2011


namingconstellations said...

There must be more lurking beneath the surface here that I'm not seeing. Even so, there is an eerie tone to this one; I never thought jelly and ants could sound so sinister.

Miss Sadie said...

"from grain on scattered hillsides"
kneaded lovingly together,
a seamless whole;
joyfully consumed,
except the crust,
shared with other

RachelW said...

There is definitely something more, Joseph. I'm not sure yet what it is. I'm glad to have sparked your imagination, though!

RachelW said...

Miss Sadie, you have a much less sinister take on things!

christopher said...

It Is So Dark

Is it the forage
or the trails that are painful?
I cannot tell now
if I ever could.
The driver ants darken things
as they pass, a wave
breaking over me.
They sound just like red gasping
breath, the last taken,
Death's drab closing door.

Elisabeth said...

I think of vultures and spiny anteaters, against the jelly of flesh. Wonderfully evocative words.

RachelW said...

Christopher, you've got it. The source of the pain can't even be isolated anymore. Munch, munch

RachelW said...

Elisabeth, I like your choice of words! Vultures and spiny anteaters, against the jelly of flesh.

Wine and Words said...

My heart goes to the underdog. Why am I weepy over a sandwich? Perhaps because I know it is so much more, and the weight of ants grows heavy.

Came over from Christophers. Thought I'd have a look around.

christopher said...

Annie, meet Rachel.
Rachel, meet Annie.

Two of my good friends.


RachelW said...

Welcome, Annie! And thank you, dear Christopher!