Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring comes harshly

seeds of grackle ice
skitter, lost in wind-blown sand
sun-blind, screeching thaw

Rachel Westfall
April 29, 2011


Rob-bear said...

We've shuffled off the coil of snow, only to be assaulted by cold winds that make us feel it's snowing somewhere near-by. Could it be we have gone from spring to late autumn in the space of a week?

Anthony Duce said...

I wish I was there. I remember springs like this

Heaven said...

Spring is coming slow as if on a tiptoe....

christopher said...

Why Do I Do This?

Again I have passed
you by, keeping solitude
instead of dropping
off the roundabout,
the posted route to spring and thaw,
merging left instead.

namingconstellations said...

A spring poem that pulls no punches: honestly, the start (especially in your part of the world, I imagine) can be pretty rough before the sun and flowers.