Monday, July 18, 2011

Out of bounds

Bleed, and I will lick the salt
of your sap, the pain of the sudden pruning
flowing rich as honey over my eager tongue.

Recoil, and I will cradle you
firm and tender until my chin and breast
are sticky with your tears and you melt again.

Mine and yours is the sting of betrayal
and the anguish of our bond,
the bittersweet ache of our reunion.

Rachel Westfall
July 15, 2011


christopher said...

Snuff! Sniffing for the scent of you fading in the local grass. Howling now...

How We Love, You and I

Stings of betrayal,
the pepper on our anguish:
this is how we bond.

This is bittersweet.

We dare the overt
ache of reunion because
we have to or die.

Oh my beauty, my true love,

I shall be the fire
red of blood, the honey cut
on your tongue.

I will give you salt.

July 15, 2011 12:28 PM

Anthony Duce said...


Rob-bear said...

stands at the boundary
of the forest,
watching big, noisy things
hurtle along the
wide, black

The creatures in
the noisy things
do not see
the Bear.
They are going
much too

Bear wishes to get
to the other part
of the forest,
but crossing
the path,
the black path,
is more challenge
than Bear cares for,
at least
while the noisy things
are on that path.

Perhaps later
Bear will move
out of

Heaven said...

Lovely and sensual....

Enjoyed reading the posts by the guests above.

namingconstellations said...

Can I just say, I adore how you labeled this "sensual botany". A whole discipline that needs more exploration. :)

RachelW said...

Bear knows plenty about going out of bounds. There are quite a few bears roaming our streets these days.

Joseph, I like it too. :) It makes me want to write more.

Heaven and Anthony, thanks!

Christopher, (((((Christopher)))))

Leonie Lemphers said...

That is absolutely beautiful Rachel.

RachelW said...

Thanks Leonie!