Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When the sweet rain falls

When the sweet rain falls,
pulling the pollen down
licking your parched hair curly,

your cracked lips swell,
softening like the thirsty clay
under your feet, like a kiss

you’ve waited long
and lonely years for,
and can’t quite savour fast enough
to ever appease that ache,
that ravenous, infinite hunger

Rachel Westfall
July 26, 2011


Rob-bear said...

You feel the rain
falling through the evergreens,
anointing your snout,
cleansing your coat.

You are sheltered
from the storm,
but not entirely.
It's just another
rain storm,
like the ones
before and after.

But the world
is changed
by the rain.
There is a freshness,
a cleansing of the air,
a renewal
of the forest.

You, Bear,
and the forest
of evergreens,
you are baptized
again by the
element of water.
You are blessed
with the refreshment
which sustains
and nourishes

RachelW said...

Bear knows rain. She knows there's no need to hunker down under an umbrella, or run for cover.

christopher said...

I think the bear likes you.

Here is the comment and poem you led me to:

Rachel, I wish I could really express the feelings I get when you engage me like this. I guess I wish this for transparency with all the other readers, since I think you actually know and act on an inner life very similar to mine. I think we encounter this poet's world together because you and I both seem to reply to each other so effortlessly - and then just as easily go off and lead our different and separate lives.

What a blessing. Just this is worth the whole of the blogging experience. That's what I think.

Larceny In My Heart

What is this about
that you would know my old ways,
that you curled my truth
to match my curly
youth when I'm all straightened up,
a good and true masque
for an old actor
with larceny in his heart
and a yen for you?

See how easy that was? God I love it so.

RachelW said...

And I like the bear, too. I love it when wildlife comes around, and doesn't run off just because I'm there, puttering in the garden.

I agree about the unforeseen rewards of the blogging experience. I had no idea it would be like this.

Rob-bear said...

Exactly, Rachel.