Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the ravens have eaten her heart

I've been thinking about the ravens, lately. They are starting to drift back into town, slowly, as the gulls and other summer birds line up their baggage and head for milder climates. This brought me back to a series of raven poems I wrote a few winters ago, and I decided to revisit just a few of them, one by one. Here is where it begins.

the ravens have eaten her heart

see how the thunderhead pounds
its coveted earth
heavy-handed as a jealous lover

just as the roiling sea loves the beach
against which it rails, raking angry
finger-marks through soft mounds of
care-tossed grains, silica and shell

Rachel Westfall
November 28, 2008


Rob-bear said...

Somehow, I missed the raven's presence. Pray, tell us more of the raven.

RachelW said...

Raven just ducked in here. She'll be more prominent shortly... ;)