Saturday, October 1, 2011

Going neutral

I would feed you dinner, child.

A feast fit for a king.

When you stumbled in
with vomit on your sweater, eyes glazed
and a red welt
quickly rising on your cheekbone,

my heart turned upside down.

To the table, come.

Pull out a chair, sit.

Here is the linen,
the cutlery, the shuffling
pacing order of the kitchen,

steam called from a plate
freshly loaded
with such hearty delights.

Rachel Westfall
September 30, 2011


Fireblossom said...

This is perfect.

christopher said...

This is a really sober topic. Here's one version of the back story.

Mean Street Love

I struck you that hard.
Your pale cheek, stunned, turned rosy.
You gave the alarm.
Its sound snagged my soul
so deep that my high was wrecked.
I can't forgive that.
So I sent you back
to the people who spawned you
and found a new bitch.

RachelW said...

Oh wow, Christopher. Just wow. I need to digest that one.

Rob-bear said...

This is wonderful — the thoughts, the images, the exchange.
This is also way past a Bear's capacity for creativity.
At least tonight.

RachelW said...

In the black of the alley

When she hit you back
you didn’t see it coming. Your swagger

got knocked sideways, shaken down
to a stumble
that broke your sweet high.

It’s a long way down when you have
spittle running down your cheek
and your girl’s

just walked off
with the last of the weed and a curse
flung sharp over her shoulder.

christopher said...

ooooooo... this is major. It's a street fight and love gone weird. It's a whole lifetime ago and not even mine.

Love you, Rachel, and trying hard not to think you just spit in my face! :D

There is something odd about it. I am just all the way delighted!

The Best One

Knocked to my damn knees
and scraped along the gravel,
tore my pants big time.
Who would think Sammy
could do that to me again?
You'd think I would learn
even though this is good
goddamn dope from the honest
dealer down the street.
Don't change my mind though.
She's still my best bitch.

RachelW said...

I love it when that happens. It's a kind of alchemy, I think. Let me sleep on it. :)

christopher said...

Over on my blog I changed Sammy to Junebug.