Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I knew you’d come back
slowly scuttling back
once your rage wore down
to an aching nub and your stomach
growled for belonging.

You had no place else to go.

I kept an ear on the door
and my mind sharp, ready
to pounce, hungry
to get the fight over with

so I could fold you in my arms
my pale, lonely arms
and weave my fingers tight
through your sad, sorry spider hair.

Rachel Westfall
October 4, 2011

I don't know what to tag this as. It's all part of a song and dance with Christopher; part fantasy, part something else. Maybe I need a new tag just for these interchanges.


christopher said...

Spider Bite

So yes, it explodes
and yes, I slap you down or
you do me the same,
a damn big shit storm
and I surely hate how you
keep wrecking my high
but I know you went
back there and I'll go soon too,
you waiting for me
in the web you weave
and me all willing again
because it's weird how
it turns all my fault
after I think about things.
God, I love you so.

RachelW said...


namingconstellations said...

You two are a joy to watch in action, I hope you know that. :)

christopher said...

Thank you, Joseph

RachelW said...

Yeah, thank you, Joseph!